Three things standing in the way from reaching your organisations full potential

Outdated Tools

Are your organization still using local excel files? Are these files send throughout the organization via e-mail?
Are pen & paper still being used when documenting and following up on actions, activities and coaching?

Remote Leadership

If your organization is build up by several team at different locations, in different parts of the country or even in several parts of the world you are most likely to struggle with maintaining the sales performance management processes.

 Principal of Least Effort

This principal states that all living beings and even well designed machines are build to strive after the path of least resistance. Is this helpful for your sales organization? The answer is "probably not" and you most likely loose potential.
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Words from our customers

Thanks to Goalplan, individual employees now understand how effort and performance contribute to the joint bottom line. Commitment, engagement and results is what I desire, and what we achieve with Goalplan. Average basket value increased 40% relative to previous year before Goalplan was used. 
Anna Sahlsten

Anna Sahlsten Sales Manger

With Goalplan®, the management and sales staff now have a tool that in a simple and orderly manner makes it easier to achieve our goals by measuring, analyzing and coaching all store employees on their KPIs.
Magnus Garnell

Magnus Garnell Country Manager

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