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Optimizing people, performance and sales

Optimizing people, performance and sales

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Training, enabling, managing and growing every single employee from one platform

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Give your employees the right support and knowledge through proactive feedback and continuous learning.

Training your employees is something that should be a never-ending process. It should include pre-onboarding, products and services, company values, "knowing" your customer, and the list goes on. If this is true, you need a platform that supports you in an easy, effective, and effortless way.

  • Full-scale E-learning platform
  • Create, distribute and follow-up 
  • Products, services, company values, you name it

Don't let anything stand in the way.

To take full advantage of your sales force, you need to unleash their full potential. That means giving them what they need, simplify and solidify what's expected of them, to keep the entire team aligned, motivated, focused, empowered, and confident enuff to push their boundaries to grow. With simplified data about sales performance, activities and overall engagement, leaders can communicate proactively, instead of reactively managing.

  • Visualization of targets, budgets, goals, and KPIs.
  • Real-time updated sales figures and activities 
  • Campaigns and Info module

Manage your sales staff in an efficient way

Large sales organizations equal to many managers or leaders. These leaders manage staff, and the way they manage (or don’t manage) has a direct impact on both employee satisfaction, employee retention, and sales. The core in Goalplans solution is simplifying and mapping up the manager's day-to-day job and decision-making process in order to truly manage and coach.

  • Quick and easy visual overview of all sales teams and individuals
  • Goalplan help managers prioritize what's most important first
  • Chat and Broadcast functions to be present while away

Make your employees grow, and they will stay

In large sales organizations, it´s the people that make the difference between failure or success. Growing your employees should, therefore, be your top priority. Making sure your employees grow will not only have a direct impact on sales but also on employee turnover. Make your employees feel empowered and confident to push their boundaries to grow into Superstars.

  • Easy to use, and data-driven coaching function
  • See the direct correlation between coaching and growth
  • Build-in self-leadership


Goalplan from a Sales Staff, Sales Management or Senior Management perspective


Goalplan is created to help sales staff reach their full potential

Sales Staff

Large sales organizations have one thing in common. That is that large parts of revenue and profit come from sales staff performance. If that's true, your number one priority must be to make sure they operate at their full potential. That is the very core of Goalplan

  • Goalplan aligns company goals with all sales staff
  • Built-in "bottoms-up", transparency, and accountability 
  • Engaging, easy-to-use, and time-saving

Goalplan provides managers with one tool to enable proactive communication, solidify activities, and drive performance

Sales Management

To stay competitive, meet customer demands, and create a more knowledgeable and productive sales force, changes must be made. Overhauling sales operations or creating new strategies is a start, but sales managers can make a real impact by using insights and giving sales teams a single platform from which to take action. 

  • Save time on repetitive tasks like budgeting, scheduling, and task delegation
  • Have sales metrics and analysis all in one place to make context and data-driven decisions in real-time
  • Engage, communicate, support, and coach in real-time

Goalplan can address the common issues that managers at the top of sales organizations face

Senior Management

Your business is reliant on its people to make it grow. Harness the power of your employees, and use insights to make better business decisions. Streamline the entire internal organization, and reduce friction so that you can move forward, together.

  • Gain better insights into the entirety of your sales organization
  • Speed up more processes through digitization and automation
  • Foster relationships with sales managers and improve communication

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Is your sales organization reaching its full potential?





Real-time data & KPI's

Goalplan collects all your significant data through multiple integrations and presents your KPI's engagingly and straightforwardly to all your employees no matter were in the sales organization they are.


Gain unique insights

With real-time data, the performance of all sales management activities and employee tasks, together with staff well-being. Goalplan presents your organization with unique insights.


Deploy the appropriate action

Goalplan enables you to take several different actions to a unique situation. Delegate a task, coach someone, communicate, broadcast information, create an e-learning course, or set up a sales competition.

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What people say about Goalplan


"Without Goalplan, it would not have been possible to have control. No doubt, the app solves collaborations across country and store boundaries. If I didn't use Goalplan, all my time would have been spent driving and flying around to host individual one-to-one meetings with employees, now most of the dialogue can be handled in the app. It saves me valuable time."
Anders Fjäll
Nordic Sales Manager, Sony Mobile
"Goalplan saves me valuable time when actively coaching and following-up my team leaders work. It is an effective tool that keeps our sales workforce actively engaged and focused on their individual goals, throughout the entire organization."
Anna Sahlsten
Sales Director, Macforum
"Goalplan has an extremely useful tool that quickly gives me an overall view of my team's performance. Goalplan helps my sales staff to see what's expected of them, and is helping them achieve their goals. A good investment to increase sales and to make the sales staff perform better. Goalplan contains outstanding features to help my team and me."
Robin Ralph
Team Leader, Elgiganten


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