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Optimizing People, Performance, and Sales

Optimizing People, Performance, and Sales

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Sales management and sales operations made easy

Getting your organization to its full potential comes down to Performance, Communication, and Engagement


Optimize your performance

We make the daily process of measuring the performance of people and teams as easy and effective as possible. We give you control, visibility, and accountability - in real-time, on all levels of the sales organization.

  • Budget, target, and goal process for all your employees
  • Real-time updated sales figures and KPIs in the palm of your hand
  • Leaderboards and organizational overview in a modern non-spreadsheet way

Strengthen communication

Insights to Action! Communication-based on variables monitored and evaluated in real-time. One platform to communicate and proactively follow up - across the entire organization.

  • Chat one-to-one or in groups and attach images and video
  • Broadcast video information and announcements to parts of or your entire organization
  • Coach your staff, delegate to-do´s or create educational courses

Boost your employee engagement

A transparent process and accountability increase well being, boost productivity, ensure higher quality activity, and ultimately increases top-line results in a controlled and sustainable manner.

  • Transparency and accountability build into Goalplan
  • With both information, sales results and communication, all in one tool, employees feel more engaged
  • Encouraging push-notifications and the ability to challenge colleagues are two ways Goalplan engages your staff


Is your sales organization reaching its full potential?



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Real-time data & KPI's

Goalplan collects all your significant data through multiple integrations and presents your KPI's engagingly and straightforwardly to all your employees no matter were in the sales organization they are.


Gain unique insights

With real-time data, the performance of all sales management activities and employee tasks, together with staff well-being. Goalplan presents your organization with unique insights.


Deploy the appropriate action

Goalplan enables you to take several different actions to a unique situation. Delegate a task, coach someone, communicate, broadcast information, create an e-learning course, or set up a sales competition.

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What people say about Goalplan


"Without Goalplan, it would not have been possible to have control. No doubt, the app solves collaborations across country and store boundaries. If I didn't use Goalplan, all my time would have been spent driving and flying around to host individual one-to-one meetings with employees, now most of the dialogue can be handled in the app. It saves me valuable time."
Anders Fjäll
Nordic Sales Manager, Sony Mobile
"Goalplan saves me valuable time when actively coaching and following-up my team leaders work. It is an effective tool that keeps our sales workforce actively engaged and focused on their individual goals, throughout the entire organization."
Anna Sahlsten
Sales Director, Macforum
"Goalplan has an extremely useful tool that quickly gives me an overall view of my team's performance. Goalplan helps my sales staff to see what's expected of them, and is helping them achieve their goals. A good investment to increase sales and to make the sales staff perform better. Goalplan contains outstanding features to help my team and me."
Robin Ralph
Team Leader, Elgiganten


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