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Performance management software for distributed sales organizations

Performance management software for distributed sales organizations

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The uniqueness of Goalplan

Providing actionable insights that engage your entire sales organization


Manage your remote sales team

True awareness of all sales activities can be a challenge for sales managers who oversee distributed teams. Manual reporting can make this even more difficult to see results in real time, but with the Goalplan platform, managers can effectively monitor and act on performance down to the individual level.

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Get full transparency

Some sales organisations aren't truly able to drill down into their sales results to identify the individuals and activities that contribute to success and failure. By using a tool that allows for total transparency, and thus holds team members at every level accountable, you can effectively erase the blind spots in your organisation.

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Secure routines and processes

Without structure, most sales organisations find it difficult to keep employees on the same page - especially in distributed teams. By establishing easy-to-follow routines for the sales process, your sales staff can be better equipped to execute an effective sales cycle to improve overall results.

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A distributed sales organisation doesn't have to mean lack of transparency or consistency.

See how sales manager Anna uses better insights to engage her employees and reduce administration. She can then optimize the sales process because the whole organisation is on the same page.

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Implementing a More Successful Sales Performance Management Process

Where can you benefit?

Less administration + better employee engagement = improved profits

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Optimize time spend

Goalplan gathers data from several different sources and presents individual and aggregated results on your pre-defined KPIs. This means no more hours spent crunching numbers, and you can instead spend more time were it actually makes a difference.

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Be in control and secure your routines

Your company should have routines and processes for sales performance management and engaging your sales staff. With Goalplan, these day-to-day management and staff activities are performed digitally, allowing you to monitor behaviors that you know will lead to better results.

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Boost engagement

Involve all employees in the process of budgeting, encourage them to state their own performance progress, apply gamification, and simplify communication and collaboration. With these actions, Goalplan not only boosts engagement and involvement but also decreases employee turnover.

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Higher revenues

Magic happens when your organisation executes the sales performance management process. Add employee engagement, accountability and coaching and you are well on your way to your full profit potential.

What people say about Goalplan


"Goalplan saves me valuable time when actively coaching and following-up my team leaders work. It is an effective tool that keeps our sales workforce actively engaged and focused on their individual goals, throughout the entire organization."


Sales Director

"I have missed a tool like Goalplan that can help me to motivate my sales staff to reach their goals. When the sales staff get a better understanding of their goals and achievements, it becomes a trigger for them to work even harder. Goalplan saves me a lot of time and I can focus my efforts on the developing and coach my staff."


Sales Manager

"I am a competitive person and want to have goals at work. With Goalplan then I can go back and compare my achievements with my colleagues, analyze and see what I need to improve or prepare for the coming week to increase my sales figures."


Sales Rep


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