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By sales professionals,

for sales professionals.

Goalplan is not just another software company. It was created by sales professionals for sales professionals. For us this is key. We truly understand the complexity of modern sales organizations. Multi channel, distributed sales teams, remote leadership. And fierce competition. In a fast paced world. We have been there. We have done that. And we truly  understand what's necessary in order to drive behavior change, performance and leadership.

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This is Goalplan


Empowerment and engagement enable employees to reach their full potential, boosting organizations' performance


Provide data, insights and digital tools to global sales and service organisations.


Performance Platform Solution.

One platform, one application.

Innovative, premium and playful.


Management Team


Henrik Otteborn Troselius

Founder & CCO

Henrik has over 20 years in the sales industry at companies like Vodafone, Telenor, and Canon. He has held various managerial positions and has been a management team member. Henrik is analytical, focused, driven, and very goal-oriented.

Before Goalplan, I had no clue if the campaign information reach all employes, nor if they understood the content of them. With the Information hub, I now have all that information without spedning a single minute co (6)

Peter Lauri


Peter is tech lead, architect and the company’s data wizard. He strives for perfection. And is obsessed with solving corner cases. A full-stack developer, as quick in back-end as accurate in front-end. Based in Helsinki and manages the Goalplan office. Founder of Dolphin KISS. Operated companies in Thailand, Hong Kong, Romania, and Finland.


Markus Täkte


Experienced executive with background in internet, ecommerce, digitalization, telecommunications, software, gaming and SaaS. Worked in international environments and managed globally distributed teams. Been responsible for product development, sales and marketing of both B2C-, B2B- and B2G-offerings.

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