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Founder, Henrik Troselius:

"Through my own struggles, I realized there was a common challenge within distributed sales organizations"

The story of Goalplan began when I took on the challenge of executing a sales organization turn-around in the retail industry. I suffered from the challenges of remote leadership and had a very hard time knowing if strong management was present throughout the organization. When looking towards technology to help me, I came up short. Instead of simply accepting to work in traditional offline methods, I took action to create Goalplan.

Our Mission is to empower employees in distributed sales organizations with Goalplan, a tool that gathers, utilizes, presents and give insights using far more data then the human mind can process. Using Goalplan, employees will be able to prioritize better, make smarter decisions, lead and develop employees with more accuracy and ultimately boost profit.

what does potential, processes and behaviors have in common?

We Take Them Seriously


We truly believe in the potential of your employees

This is why Goalplan was created. To by the help of technology, empower sales staff, managers and top management to perform the day to day activities in a simpler yet more engaging and effective way.


it very often comes down to executing your processes

You have gathered your core team and created a sales process, a sales management process, follow-up and coaching guidelines ect. But what then happens is that your organization fails to follow through.


it is your employees behaviors that leads to your results

From meeting the customers and leading sales staff to managing the sales organization, it is behaviors in all the activities that forms the outcome. If this is the case then measuring behavior is key.

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