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We share our insights around Sales Performance Management.

The Plug & Play Technology Behind Customisable Remote Leadership

The sales industry has come a long way from manual reporting, physical printouts and in-store programs. Managers are no longer required to close distances by personally visiting a widely distributed salesforce with face-to-face interaction.

The Super App Saving Retail – What is it?

From ancient trading methods to the use of smart phones to pay for purchases, commercial...

How Creativity Boosts Productivity

The word ‘creativity’ is dutifully doing the rounds this month, from social media to huge...

How to Turn New Year’s Resolutions into Lasting Solutions

Goalplan would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our clients, prospective customers...

3 Top Tips to Start the New Business Year with a Bang!

After a couple of complex years, we’re all hoping for a prosperous start to 2022. As we greet...

Has Your Company Hit Targets this Year?

How are we discussing year end already?

An all-in-one platform TO avoid blind input and guarantee results

Last week’s blog discussed the importance of informing coaches on how best to guide staff to...

What’s Your Device of Choice?

Do you love a comfy office chair facing wide desktop monitors and a traditional keyboard? Or...