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3 Lessons from The Sales Conference: Change, leadership and KYS

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Earlier this week we had the exciting opportunity to be a partner at ProSales' 2019 edition of The Sales Conference. With so many great exhibitors, participants, and interesting talks, I wanted to summarize some of the most important insights we gained from the day. Here are the top three lessons we take with us from all the great conversations as well as the presentations:

Sales is changing, fast

Consumer expectations and behaviors have been and will always be constantly evolving. That's not new. But how companies are able to keep up with changes, leverage the goldmind of customer information now available, and be much more agile in conducting sales, are some of the biggest and fastest moving changes today.

Jenny Dearborn, Founder and CEO of Actionable Analytics Group out of Palo Alto, California, posed to the audience: what is it to be data-driven in sales?

TheSalesConferenceJennyJenny Dearborn, courtesy of ProSales

She argued that detail, connectivity, and simplification are the keys. From ProSales: "It is about being interested in reading the available data on how your sales operations perform on a detailed level. It is about using data from the soon 1 trillion connected devices. It is about changing the fact that only 1/3 of a sales person's time is customer facing. It is about making humans work more human. Are you constantly asking yourselves: What can be eliminated? What can be simplified? What can be automated? Where can we get more value?"

These ideas strongly resonated with us at Goalplan, where we strive to help our customers use crucial real-time insights to empower employees to be more actionable with the customer engagement activities that lead to better sales.

Empathetic Leadership

In his remarks, founder of ProSales, Henrik Larsson-Broman emphasized the importance of empathy. He underscored that 'empathy' is no longer just a buzzword, but the only way for companies and leaders to move forward. The sales of the future is data driven to really understand your sales process and operations, but it's necessary to combine with empathy and understanding for both customer and employees in order to provide support for training, insights, and longterm sustainable growth.

We know that accumulating sales data and sales performance metrics only takes you so far. To utilize the data in the best way, it requires the ability of sales leaders to interpret it in ways that lead to the delivery of communication, collaboration, coaching, and support to employees, that they can then translate to the end customer.

KYC out, KYS is in

The concept of KYC (know your customer) is very 1999 - these days it's all about KYS - know yourself, according to rap artist Petter (Alexis). Petter, knowing a thing or two about personal branding, gave a riveting performance in which he encouraged us to not just focus your perspective outwards, but to keep an eye on the image of yourself.

The sales conference PetterPetter, courtesy of ProSales

He advised that as companies and salespeople trying to relate to humans, we should be different but humble, dare to take a chance, and make sure to be seen. But everything should work together cohesively, because that underscores authenticity which is what people can really trust and identify with.

From ProSales: "When you have a good concept - spin on it, and influence with your brand. This ties together with what many people talked about today - empathetic leadership, customer at its center, creativity, measuring and looking at what works and operating in an ecosystem?"

Thank you ProSales for a great event and valuable insights from The Sales Conference '19!

Want to learn more about how Goalplan can help your organization keep up with change, leadership and KYS trends of modern sales? Get in touch with us now.

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