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3 Top Tips to Start the New Business Year with a Bang!

3 Top Tips to Start the New Business Year with a Bang!

After a couple of complex years, we’re all hoping for a prosperous start to 2022. As we greet the new year with banging fireworks and other traditions, a great number of us will utter New Year’s resolutions during those first few days of January – perhaps even some corporate incentives.


Last week, we detailed how the power of reflection could help companies to make important decisions with long-lasting effects. It’s imperative to analyse current trends and data in order to predict future results. (Read blogpost: Has Your Company Hit Targets This Year?)


So, what do we recommend that CEO’s focus on NOW to ensure the best possible year ahead?


Here are our three top tips:

Automation, automation, automation!

  • Digitalising all data, leaving outdated systems behind and removing inefficient admin procedures - a great start!



  • Make small changes - but think BIG
  • Deciding what you need to be distributed, visualised and shared, allows us to work with you to kickstart your new, digital era


‘Our sales performance management application has been developed with ease of integration in mind. Our motto is: use what you already have and turn it into what you need. We provide embedded analytics which can be accessed and used across the workforce, allowing you to benefit from valuable insights reaching thousands, rather than tens of individuals.’


Let’s take it step by step:

  1. Automation:

So many companies struggle to assess performance, when that assessment relies on sifting through countless emails, collating spreadsheets, or chasing information lost in other legacy systems.

Goalplan's solution:

  • Following our quick and easy smart integration, we bring all communication channels together
  • KPIs and indexes are visualised and available to the entire organisation
  • A number of digital innovations automate messaging, targets, leaderboards, staff survey responses and more
  • Data is automatically accessible in real-time across devices


  1. Transformation:

The idea of initiating a digital transformation journey at this stage of the year is overwhelmingly draining for some managers - namely because rumour has it that it’s a lengthy task, spanning years of detailed planning and development.

Our approach:

  • We work with what you already have and transform it into what you need
  • Your digital transformation journey is up and running in a matter of weeks
  • Any manual administration is collated and assigned to a new and improved digital format
  • Companies are globally transformed, allowing all levels to access what they need, when they need it, using an all-in-one platform that grows with them


  1. Adaptation:

By considering the wider needs of your company, small adaptations and non-laborious changes could provoke a massive reaction and domino effect of productivity.

Advice from sales professionals for sales professionals:

  • Our philosophy is that small changes spark big journeys – we invite you to reflect on what you can change today
  • Engage the whole organisation – personalise KPIs, e-learning and surveys
  • Fully digitalise and automate communication – say goodbye to emails and texts, ready to welcome the era of ‘corporate Instagram’ using video broadcasting and push notifications to get the message across
  • Be savvier than the competition – our smart app will give you the cutting edge


Summary – Make the Goalplan app your New Year’s resolution

By following our three top tips, your company is guaranteed to enjoy a smashing start to 2022. What’s more, we're sure you'll love exploring the benefits of the Goalplan app further, with tailored modules and a personalised touch - it’s made just for you.


With Goalplan, you’re in good hands:

We offer:

  • A working partnership
  • A comprehensive toolbox of sales and managerial expertise
  • Digital mastery to transform any business
  • A fully adaptable product – you decide, we provide


Good luck! Now’s the time to make small changes – they’ll be next year’s big news.

For more information, please reach out here. We can’t wait to prepare your customised presentation and get started.

Happy Holidays!














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