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A One-Stop Shop for Corporate Success – Luxury, Necessity or Both?

A One-Stop Shop for Corporate Success – Luxury, Necessity or Both?

Goalplan is finally back on the move, travelling and meeting existing and potential clients face-to-face. We fully appreciate this luxury, however, the last couple of years has taught us all that it isn’t always a necessity to meet in person.


For some areas of life and business, communication at a distance can be equally as effective. In fact, it’s a lack of communication in general that’s problematic – you don’t need to operate intercontinentally to realise that inefficient communication channels in the same building or organisation can be catastrophic to business.


Let’s face it, without adequate preparation and awareness, even a routine meeting in the conference room could end in chaos. When prior communication lets you down and data is delivered in a haphazard manner, it doesn’t matter whether you’re sat side by side or showcasing your latest Zoom background.


Progress will always be slower when different elements and functions of a business do not work in unison, without any collective tools to facilitate their fluid execution.


Problem: 'Communication and data tracking have become unmanageable.' 


There’s never been a better time to discuss the inclusive elements of the Goalplan platform. Why?

Countless discussions across a wide range of industries have unveiled the common issue of managers noticing disproportionate control when it comes to data and communication:

  • Firstly, many leaders feel behind the times in terms of modern communication, tied to Skype or email, with no real idea of who is receiving and reading what
  • Secondly, investments and integration of tools may be scattered across the enterprise, but with nothing truly bringing them together


Solution: 'Together we are better!' 


Goalplan offers a partnership, a seamless synergy allowing our company and yours to work together. Our smart app offers the all-in-one magic that you’ve been waiting for! Not only can we guarantee better results, but we’ll also make the process easy, using what you already have and turning it into what you need.


Regardless of the current systems in place and the frequency or format in which you currently receive and view survey and sales results, there are NO showstoppers. That’s right – you don’t need to change a thing or worry about a lengthy data transformation journey.


'By starting NOW to automate collection, aggregation and presentation of KPI’s that really matter, you’ll be well on the way to achieving digital transformation -  capitalising on whatever you’re already using and comfortable with today.' (Goalplan blog)


All we need is clarification of which data you wish to be handled, analysed and distributed. In a matter of weeks, not months (or years), Goalplan will have your company up and running with a new lease of life. No central controller is required to coordinate anyone or anything. Instead, our app serves as an interactive platform providing embedded analytics and real-time responses.


Other benefits include:

  • Next generation communication, including video broadcasts (farewell emails!)
  • Sales competitions and engaging campaigns providing actionable insights
  • Activity trackers and information hubs
  • Employee surveys and E-learning opportunities


Summary – Your business CAN have it all!


When identifying necessities, all of our customers have red-flagged a lack of data tracking, employee engagement, instant feedback and actionable insights as absolute dealbreakers. What’s surprising though, is how many companies are still not prioritising these basic fundamentals, without which corporate growth and competitive results are often not even on the cards.


Outlining requirements and taking steps to fulfil them is not a luxury, but an essential provision to ensure performance and productivity are at their best. That said, the Goalplan app does indeed offer luxurious benefits on top of its primary functions, such as trust, professionalism and individuality - uniquely designed to provide personalised features. 


With an application tailored exactly to your needs and integrated with your systems of choice, you really can have it all – your necessities deserve the best quality, so please get in touch to find out how to digitally transform your organisation, using one combined tool to set you apart from the rest. Communication problems will certainly be a thing of the past:


'For sales managers, staff wellbeing and a trendy, youthful vibe facilitating internal messaging without an email in sight, is extremely desirable – as is the ability to track performance and progress instantaneously.' (Goalplan blog)


We look forward to hearing from you - please click here for more information. 




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