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Are You Asking Customers What You Really Need to Know?

We’re constantly comparing today’s sales trends with past records, trying to analyse current results, and also striving to predict sales of the future. In doing so, it becomes frighteningly clear how close to impossible it is to keep up with the constantly changing methodology, developments and tactics that encircle the sales industry. The very statistics that hold the fort together play an important role in telling the story of a business - that is, as long as they’re reliable and valid.


How do YOU systematically measure market research?


What you ask and who you ask are both valuable metrics when acquiring the quantitative and qualitative data you need to learn from and develop. It’s no longer merely a case of attracting the masses, and the clichéd term of ‘quality over quantity’ rings truer and louder than ever.

The volume of customers and increased connections is no less important, however, the quality of information obtained, and value of extractable data is paramount to ensure valid results and reliable insights.


Customer Insights

It's all about adding the right metrics to find out what you need to know. Regardless of the industry in question, physical retail stores, e-commerce, banking, telecoms, direct sales or education - we are all operating from a service-minded perspective.

Not only do we want to keep customers happy, but we also wish for their sustained satisfaction to result in long-term loyalty. Customer and revenue retention will always be closely linked, ensuring that profits continue to prosper as a result of gratified followers.


Using Net Promoter Scores to Your Advantage

At Goalplan, we frequently discuss and develop individual client needs, in order to arm them with the best tools to navigate modern sales practice, evolving trends and soaring customer expectations. Above all else, we allow companies to reach a newfound level of agility.


NPS - Making Organisations More Agile

The Goalplan app has been thoughtfully designed to allow our customers to effectively listen to theirs. In fact, we make it possible to dramatically enhance the entire consumer experience, making it easy, timely and completely interactive.


For example:

  • Private education providers are able to tap into valuable insights from staff, parents and students alike
  • Retailers can reach out to accurately rate customer contentment
  • Bankers can monitor user-friendly products
  • Other sellers can unearth a multitude of further actionable insights


As with any measurable parameters, the endgame is to extract and analyse useful data – it must all mean something.


As one of the many innovative functions of the Goalplan app, NPS is the sure way to instantly collect the feedback you’re after. It’s another machine learning feature helping you to confidently understand your customers, and allowing you to act and grow. This could include product appraisals, providing a reflection on wellbeing, or prospective recommendations - the list is endless… After all, you decide what you need to track – we make it happen.


The All-in-One Platform

The road to digitalisation doesn’t have to be long or overly complicated. We guarantee that your digital transformation journey will be off the ground in a matter of weeks, carefully turning what you already have into what you need. All existing systems and software are within our reach – we dutifully adapt and find the best possible solution to bring everything within your grasp.


Not only is the NPS component incredibly apt to offer more reliable customer responses than ever before, but take a look at what else is on offer:

  • Goalplan offers a professional partnership – working together to define, develop and execute goals
  • Activity trackers make everything visual – keep your finger on the pulse at all times
  • Sales competitions and campaigns – ensuring optimal engagement
  • Staff surveys – putting wellbeing first
  • Interactive leaderboards – giving the KPI race a whole new look


We can change your perspective on performance, offering the only fully bespoke tool to comprehensively predict future growth.


If you'd like to find out more, take a look at the Goalplan Core - it's a great place to start.

For further information, please get in touch here - we’d love to hear from you.



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