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Are You Pushing Your Campaigns to the Front of the Line?

‘For 2020 as a whole, there was an impressive 1098% increase in web push messages sent.’


Readers of our recent articles are now armed with a multitude of tools to make SMART business decisions and strive for optimum potential success. Leaders have been educated on skills conducive to staff appreciation and increased productivity, along with building blocks to climb Pyramids of Success (see previous blogs). The fundamental message throughout, has been to focus on the longstanding impact of making changes – in fact, with continued nourishment, today’s change may secure the future of your company.


For those fostering a healthy competitive spirit, we have explored the existence of apps to facilitate the integration of intercompany competitions to motivate performance and encourage collective achievements. That said, ongoing victories remain at the heart of successful endurance, which brings us to the importance of conducting and publishing campaigns to keep the momentum going. 


    ‘What’s the best way for my company’s campaigns to reach their target audience?’



The above statistic screams an obvious answer – push messages or notifications, born from ‘push technology’ or ‘server push’, are clearly leading the way as a modern messaging service. The ‘1098% increase’ in web push messages sent last year speaks for itself – they ‘add the right channel to the right message at the right time.’


Blanket emails and periodic newsletters will always serve a purpose, however, their impersonal and often untimely distribution results in many a missed opportunity to seal deals and promote business. The savviest leaders will adjust their marketing strategies to combine emails with text and push notifications to optimise rewards: Email, SMS, and web push marketing messages are a powerful three-headed monster.’


    What can I ‘push’ through campaign channels?



The characteristics of push technology have been in force for over a decade, yet many companies are yet to employ this simple feature to create campaigns and present general information using innovative creation tools. Investment in the correct software facilitates campaign formation, video and PDF upload, links and texts, along with quiz composition – the correct audience receives the desired information instantaneously. 


What’s more, performance management solutions track reception and responses to push notifications, rendering the process effortless for businesses themselves. For example, software companies tailor push messages to specific criteria as set out by leaders - such as informing staff of upcoming events, ongoing promotions or questionnaires. 


Push notifications versus email…

Let’s consider the unfortunate occurrence of misinformed or uninformed staff in a sales situation, where the customer (who don’t forget, is always right), requests access to an advertised promotion or deal unfamiliar to the sales rep. This humiliating and discreditable status quo leaves staff in a difficult position, potentially unable to fulfil a client’s needs and ultimately, causing a detrimental effect on overall results, with the loss of sales and undesired customer insecurity. 


Perhaps the required information had indeed been sent out in an email – one of an abundance to overload inboxes, only to be ignored. The familiarity and monotony of certain email channels don’t always create the desired buzz or eagerness to read their content, especially when the title seems impersonal or mundane. 


Discovering promotional campaigns through customer interaction is always dangerous territory and completely backwards in terms of where information should come from - they shouldn’t have eyed up a published offer, without your staff’s prior awareness. With regard to the opposite ‘pull’ technology, your rep has ultimately been ‘pulled’ up on something, instead of ‘pushing’ a valuable campaign.


    Do push notifications add value to my network?



Personalised messages are not merely sent out and forgotten about. As mentioned, they are tracked by the external organisation who publish and manage them – they basically act as a central server. Through detailed insights into explicit needs, smart notifications using server pushes are distributed, tracked and monitored to great advantage. The number of reads, requests and responses can all be utilised and employed, both alerting staff of campaign information and also providing follow-up opportunities where necessary.


Furthermore, push notifications make campaign adaptation easy, prompting swift action before, during and even after specific campaigns. Notwithstanding the versatility of custom-made distribution methods, either local or remote, defined by geographical locations, staff roles and organisational hierarchies, adding immeasurable value to any company or network, based on prescribed preferences. 


Summary – Keep Pushing!

Whether your company operates on Apple or Android devices, the idea of internet-based communication is the modern way to speak to one another. In the business world, this can also be synonymous with making or breaking a deal or sale. Subscription to integrated apps offering this service, allows businesses to ‘push’ a message or information out there, as opposed to other methods of waiting for clients or receivers to make contact, known as ‘pull’ notifications.


As we said earlier, all functions hold their own place, but to stay in the driving seat and use campaigns and communication to optimise performance and head up your market, you should be the one reaching your client base first, as opposed to the other way around. Rather than pushing something out to pull something back in, aim to get their first and always initiate contact. Keep staff up to date and fully briefed on your latest offers, products and campaigns – don’t let their clients beat them to the punch!


The last few weeks have been focused around laying solid foundations to support you at the top – therefore, we encourage you to use smart push notifications and other communication tools to proactively ensure longevity in the lead. 


Next time, you’re invited to explore communication and task management tools which won’t let you down – even offline!

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