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As S.M.A.R.T as Your Smartphone…

Mobile phones give us the world at our fingertips, bringing great value to our personal lives; yet we only scratch the surface on a business level. Many available applications facilitate daily habits, in terms of social media, online shopping and entertainment, but professionally, we tend to stick to what we know: the same old apps and processes that we’ve been using for years. 


  • Were you aware that IBM’s first smartphone technology was available nearly 30 years ago? Or that since 2007, Apple has launched 29 models in 12 series of the iPhone? 


It would be nice to think that this technological advancement reflects the evolution of our own businesses, or that we are at least using progressive tools to save time and boost functionality. Surprisingly, many of us are, however, confined by routine, comfort zones or a sheer lack of time to update our computer-literacy or mobile phone management. In fact, we often upgrade our devices for the latest models, having never explored their ‘new’ functions, let alone having invested in compatible apps or software to target the specific needs of our enterprises, for example, sales performance.


Data Dwell identified time management as one of the biggest challenges to sales in 2019: ‘As many as 65% of sales professionals feel that a deficit of time and appropriate resources are their biggest challenge.

  • What if one of the answers to these problems is simply more efficient use of the smart technology already in our possession? 


Imagine the time you could save by knowing exactly what you need to maximise results… Not to mention the consistency of automated programs running in the background, always maintaining objectives, data collection and results up to date. Both Apple and Android systems are compatible with some incredible resources to enable sales leadership and performance indicators, bringing members of companies closer together with the simple click of a button. Hours of mindless scrolling and pondering next moves could be employed elsewhere, with to-do lists finally completed and future strategies devised. 


  • Are you controlled by relentless (and useless) notifications OR does your tiny phone have a massive impact, finetuned to the rhythm of your company?


Sales leaders are often bombarded by messages, emails and other shared documents on a daily basis, effectively rendering their roles administrative, as opposed to managerial. Sales reps are tied to their devices in the same way, manually inputting data and ultimately losing important sales opportunities and prospective revenue. The supreme timesaver is the means to collate information, emails, targets, evaluations, competition updates (the list goes on…) in an organised fashion. The ability to automatically remain up to date and receive accurate and beneficial data in real-time, is key. It’s the finest way to monitor goal attainment and provide a basis on which to plan future development.



Are you ready to be S.M.A.R.T*?

Consider your specific needs. Make them measurable through an appropriate tracking system. Be ready to take action to make goals attainable and realistic. Once allowing a suitably integrated system to manage your data, enjoy the freedom of working in a timely manner. Convert your device into an invaluable tool and focus on the end game.


 *SMART goals were developed by George Doran, Arthur Miller and James Cunningham in their 1981 article “There’s a S.M.A.R.T. way to write management goals and objectives.”

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