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Bringing You a Communication Revelation

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Growing organisations often feel overstretched and out of control when it comes to communication. Sales managers feel the need to reach out, but either don’t have adequate means to do so, or are using inefficient software to spread the word.

‘In a very haphazard way, we only used to use WhatsApp, just messaging the activities that a person had done. So as the Sales Director, I would get some 45 messages to track as to why somebody’s performance was low - it was very difficult. A lot of my time used to go into evaluating that.’ Shefali Sharma, Oriflame Cosmetics India. (Read the full case study)


What’s the big problem here?


Many companies approach Goalplan with a plea to bring them up to speed with the social side of corporate interaction – why?


  • Leaders are tired of sending out copious amounts of emails in vain
  • Employees are fed up with receiving emails
  • Contact and communication feels impersonal and outdated
  • Staff are generally discontented and at a loss without clear communication channels
  • The absence of effective software to operative from a collective platform is being noticed
  • Any current apps are failing to help
  • Performance is not being tracked effectively


The list goes on, but the fact of the matter is that businesses today are putting themselves at a huge disadvantage without a forward-thinking approach to communication and tracking.

Let’s face it – today’s society largely reveals every aspect of life via social media. It’s now the norm to connect, share and interact on a daily basis – so why should companies expect their staff to accept anything less than a fun, engaging platform from which to work and connect with colleagues - whether it’s uploading progress or chatting to workmates?

The simple answer is – they shouldn’t! After all, socially arranged media appears to be highly successful in distributing messages, therefore, communication at work should enjoy the same buzz, ease and effectiveness.


When Your Problem Meets Our Solution


For sales managers, staff wellbeing and a trendy, youthful vibe facilitating internal messaging without an email in sight, is extremely desirable – as is the ability to track performance and progress instantaneously.


Should we instigate a digital overhaul?



What do we propose?


  • Assess your communication needs
  • Figure out what’s most important – what needs to be communicated and when?
  • Define pathways – what do leaders need to share with staff and how will they reach them?
  • Similarly, how will staff input progress to be tracked and monitored?
  • How will they keep in touch?


What’s next?


  • Goalplan invites you to discuss the information and data that you’d like to be visualised, distributed and shared
  • Let’s talk about which systems you already have in place
  • We’ll help you to use existing systems, avoiding a costly and timely digital transformation journey which could amount to nothing in the long run

Goalplan’s Communication Toolbox


A sophisticated, yet surprisingly user-friendly app that condenses an:

‘Over-complicated web of messaging threads, turning any device into a pocket-sized one-click-wonder. Your tablet, smartphone or computer can instantly access all KPI’s, team data, leaderboards and so on, not to mention becoming the hotspot for messaging as a native communication tool.’ (See full blog: How Can Video Broadcasts Ensure That I’m Seen AND Heard?)


Chat, broadcast and inform…


  • Communicate through chat – yes, as simple as it sounds! Whether it’s individual chat, discussions in predefined rooms or custom groups, we have you covered
  • With Goalplan's broadcast function everything is possible, allowing creative juices to flow: send short video messages to motivate, engaging announcements to stimulate or informative video broadcasts to educate – social media on a corporate level
  • An information portal makes any uploaded documentation accessible from anywhere at any time – to ALL!


Summary: Start Small, Think Big, Communicate


Consider the tools available to you today and identify small steps which will lead to big outcomes. For example, combining your current systems with Goalplan's smart integration will ensure that actionable insights are obtained, providing embedded analytics and optimal communication strategies.


Interaction, message distribution and performance tracking will benefit from a modernised, digital approach to rival any social media platform – but better still, this type of social networking has your company’s best interests at heart. Progress is tracked, wellbeing is supported, and communication is open and fluid.


Chat, broadcasts and information portals provide digital innovation that promises results. Progress and performance are also monitored to the finest degree. In short, action can always be taken when and where needed, WITHOUT the need to digitally transform your business in the way that you once thought.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re ready to up your communication game and keep your finger on the performance pulse.