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Data Overload Versus Actionable Insights

Data Overload Versus Actionable Insights

The value of data collection is by no means breaking news. However, even companies proudly boasting masses of data from multiple sources, haven’t necessarily cracked the code of HOW to USE the figures they’re churning out...


‘The ability to take data – to be able to understand it, to process it, to extract value from it, to visualise it, to communicate it – that’s going to be a hugely important skill in the next decades.’


As well as predicting that statisticians would have the ‘sexy job’ for the ten years or so following this article in 2009, Hal Varian, Google’s Chief Economist, shared several intuitive expectations about the future of web-based, corporate progress. The aforementioned job reference whimsically highlights the importance of statisticians as those at the forefront of interpreting data in the digital world – whilst also recognising the much bigger picture and need for widespread collaboration throughout an organisation:


‘I think statisticians are part of it, but it’s just a part. You also want to be able to visualise the data, communicate the data, and utilise it effectively. But I do think those skills – of being able to access, understand and communicate insights you get from data analysis – are going to be extremely important. Managers need to be able to access and understand the data themselves.’


Indeed, managers must utilise the information provided by data - translating or interpreting it into something practical and constructive. The information extracted should fuel knowledge which in turn, will lead to actionable insights, signalling what’s working, what isn’t, and most importantly, providing that valuable insight into what needs to be done next.


The Problem:

‘We’ve got plenty of data – it’s archived, but largely left unused…’

Tracking systems may be in place, with data flowing in from all directions, yet many companies still find themselves struggling to do anything with it. Results, facts and figures get dutifully filed away and possibly fished out again in retrospect, but they are not being optimised in the moment, flagging up issues and providing the wisdom that companies need to improve and grow.


Obtaining only a few actionable insights wastes time, creates excess administrative tasks, and ultimately holds you back. Outdated systems don’t help either, especially without real-time features or instant feedback.


The Solution:

‘One platform: Data collected – information extracted – actionable insights shared instantaneously.’

Goalplan’s sales performance management app caters for an extensive range of industry solutions. Its ability to adapt to any genre of organisation echoes a deep commitment to investing time and effort into finding out what makes your company tick. From retail to banking and from education to telecoms or direct sales, the platform integrates seamlessly – a central nucleus from which data is tracked and visualised, and from which actionable insights are obtained immediately.

Data analysis has never been more rewarding. Informative facts and subsequent findings deliver valuable insights, allowing for a great shift in leadership focus. Managers can finally concentrate their time and energy where it’s most needed.

Many of our customers moved from ‘haphazard’ data collection techniques, to swiftly enjoying everything ‘under one umbrella.’ Other benefits have included saving copious amounts of time, giving up spreadsheets and finally taking a break from email and messaging overload. (See case study: Oriflame)


‘Tell me more…’


Detailed targets, tracked activities and results, all form part of one integrated tool, meaning that managers rapidly receive insights in a simple, productive fashion. Data and insights are accessible from any device, anywhere in the world (even offline) – this really gives leaders a great edge, allowing them to truly see and understand performance and potential.


Summary – There’s no time like the present!

(See past blog)


Being able to act straight away doesn’t have to be a luxury – it should be part of the day-to-day running of your company. Teams and individuals working towards challenging KPI’s are in good hands, when their performance and results are being closely watched, with an eye to offer support, resources and rewards to help them reach their targets.

Our software arms you with all the tools you need to operate smoothly. You can both manage and understand statistics, in order to evolve. Furthermore, invaluable, real-time insights allow you to take action now – competitors won’t know what’s hit them, as you stride forever forwards dominating the lead market position. 

Read more customer reviews here to find out more.


Next time, discover how insights from employee surveys could boost both wellbeing and productivity.

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