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Don’t Let April ‘FOOL’ – Let April ‘RULE’

Mike Bloomberg, founder of a global business, finance, information and news empire, often says: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” 


M is S.M.A.R.T. - Measurable


Performance will be heavily measured this week, as salespersons across the world ramp up their game, energetically fighting to top the leader board to achieve a personal best, or nervously dreading the wrath of their boss if they miss targets. Both scenarios invoke pressure and fear, but only those on top of their KPI’s feel a surge of excitement as they prepare to receive a pat on the back or bonus. Others could be shown the door for repeatedly poor work, even though better leadership could have saved them…


SMART leaders go far. How far? 


The idea that ‘what can’t be measured, can’t be managed’, means that directors have a tricky job on their hands, especially when hindered by yesterday’s time-consuming tools. Feeling out of control or using outdated systems to track quantitative data, promotes shaky foundations. Therefore, managers periodically seek new and innovative ways to evaluate progress and keep on top of their workforce. They are consistently pushed to work harder, even to the detriment of their own health - some merely survive, whereas others break under the pressure. However, what can’t be inputted, can’t be tracked, hence can’t be measured appropriately… and what can’t be measured, cannot be improved. Leaders who invest in calculable parameters will go the furthest, as will their staff.


How am I supposed to measure targets, budgets AND results? 


Leaders are striving to get their hands on the most comprehensive and cost-effective platforms, spanning the whole sales performance management spectrum. Such combined resources, unifying quantifiable data into one user-friendly app can be accessed across devices, from anywhere at any time. This allows managers to be proactive, assess performance and systematically drive output, without wasting time or waiting for month-end reports. The consistency and availability of real-time data eradicates any anomalies, lacking activity or misaligned information, as managers benefit from specific and consistent insight. (See last week’s blog).


Do you want to take action now, or wait until the end of the month?


Once you’ve measured, you can manage. You can also develop and ultimately lead your market. Leaving time-consuming reports, spreadsheets and countless emails behind, changes the dynamic of your end of month, trimester or yearly close. We all like surprises, but let’s face it: only good ones…


Problems need to be ironed out as soon as possible – the end of the month is too late to make any significant changes and you probably won’t have time to address most of the issues anyway. Without an integrated system to keep your company on track, don’t expect an easier ride next month either. 

History will continue to repeat itself until you make the change.



It’s the end of April… Do you measure up?


Sales and profitability can be optimised when control and awareness of company movements are governed efficiently. The potential of your management game increases dramatically when you act swiftly on measurable results, rendering them forever more productive. Data isn’t measured to fill historical archives or simply generate more administrative documents – it’s there to be used. Let this month be the last that it goes to waste – Let April rule!

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