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Has Your Company Hit Targets this Year?

Has Your Company Hit Targets this Year?

How are we discussing year end already?

As we approach 2021’s grand finale, many would agree that this year has flown by. After last year’s onset of worldwide turbulence, we were always going to be in with an interesting ride, and results were inevitably destined to be affected.  

So, as final the countdown to close of business begins, let’s reflect on this year’s performance:

  • Can you report more highs than lows?
  • Ask yourself, did you transform how you visualise data?
  • Did you embark on a data transformation journey? If so, do you envisage change any time soon?

CEO’s and management, this one’s for you - it’s the perfect time for leaders to ask themselves questions, and an even better one to consider change for the future.


Company triumphs:

In terms of what went well this year, let’s highlight:

  • Positive staff engagement and wellbeing
  • KPI success rates
  • Performance, productivity and turnover


Assessing the above factors should be as easy as ‘the click of a button,’ however, more often than not, the mere process of analysing staff data, KPIs and performance presents a minefield of problems – and let’s face it, difficult or frustrating tasks are the last thing you want before you switch your email status to ‘… on annual leave until January…’ Or perhaps, you're simply hoping for some downtime over the festive period.


The inability to track data, inform staff or extract feedback may have inspired the start of change this year. Likewise, a desire to better manage KPIs and goal orientation may have given you the push to consider embarking on a digital transformation journey. But, whatever your results, successes or pitfalls of 2021, ending the year merely on a satisfactory note, shouldn’t be enough – why not aim higher?


Goalplan's prospective customers may or may not have already started a digital transformation journey when we first unite.

  • Those who have begun, often report their disappointment and irritation at how far away prospective benefits seem, not to mention the complexity of integration and disproportionate costs - That’s because a digital transformation journey can take years to reach its full potential
  • Companies who have yet to commence their journey, are delighted to learn that Goalplan can use whatever systems they already have in place, guiding them to make small changes NOW that guarantee a prosperous future

Companies who still rely on legacy systems such as spreadsheets and emails really have their work cut out to keep up to date with data analysis and performance. Without efficient activity trackers, interactive leaderboards or staff surveys, it’s impossible for managers to keep their finger on the pulse at all times.

In spite of what went wrong this year, the tools exist to make massive changes next year and beyond. What's more, Goalplan can help, regardless of where you're up to on your digital transformation journey, even if you haven't started yet - we'll bring about change in a matter of weeks, not years!


Summary – Make this your last year of manual input


Time-consuming administrative tasks could soon be a thing of the past, as could manual input or retrospective results. What’s holding back progress now, is just waiting to be turned around.


The implementation of the Goalplan app literally pulls everything under one umbrella, using embedded analytics to provide valuable actionable insights. No spreadsheet, database, or other software could ever keep up with such a digital revelation, one that allows you to access everything in real-time, from an all-in-one platform.


If you’d like to find out more on how to kickstart your digital transformation journey, please click here.

Why not get in touch to meet the team and discuss your next move? Contact us.

Furthermore, please stay tuned for next week’s blog, when we’ll share our top tips on how to guarantee that 2022 will be your best year yet!


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