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An all-in-one platform TO avoid blind input and guarantee results

An all-in-one platform TO avoid blind input and guarantee results

Last week’s blog discussed the importance of informing coaches on how best to guide staff to fulfill the objectives of training, along with looking after morale and wellbeing. We included an overview detailing how Goalplan's software is ideal to facilitate staff development and boost productivity.


In continuation, one of many other notable issues that has been raised to us of late, is how mangers can lead efficiently, when half the time, they’re not even sure what percentage of staff is truly engaged, let alone trained and content. For example, leaders feel less empowered when distanced from control of data, results and analysis.


The Problems:


“We periodically send out emails and e-learning material, but don’t have any way of tracking recipient activity.”


“Some of our leaders find it difficult to act on insights when unsure which staff members have received or acted upon certain information.”


“How can we monitor progress without accessing specific data or making legitimate comparisons? Clearly, we’re missing something…"


The Solution:


The good news is that this fear of lost information and wasted time can be simply rectified. By considering the basic goals that you want to achieve at management level, in terms of communication, feedback and actionable insights, then you’ll soon be ready to get up and running with a new app to facilitate day-to-day routines.

  • At Goalplan, we work tirelessly to help you figure out what’s missing – we even soften the blow when it comes to change, as our simple integration offers a smooth, quick transition and incorporation of current systems
  • We help to kickstart your digital transformation journey by putting your needs first, focusing on what you want to achieve in a certain timeframe
  • Starting with small steps, we look at the information and data that you wish to be distributed, visualised and shared – the impact is massive


We champion the philosophy that starting small allows you to reap great benefits in the future.


When it comes to those phantom emails that leave you in the dark, without knowing who has read them, who has acted upon them, or who needs assistance – we’ve also got you covered:


  • The Goalplan app gives you the all-seeing eye, assisting you to visualise and track a full range of activity
  • This includes a two-way interaction between managers and staff, who are able to fully communicate and work collaboratively
  • Managers can check sales statistics at the touch of a button – always receiving real-time information
  • Everyone can be involved – you decide who sees what
  • We tailor visuals to distinct users, allowing them to focus on individual and team KPIs and indexes


Still worried about the effectiveness of training?

 - Don’t be!


At Goalplan, we consider staff education a fundamental investment, and crucial to modern sales and services organisations. Here are a few features to empower employees, enable performance and promote stronger engagement:  

  • An information station for all communication needs, such as broadcasting, campaigns, announcements and instruction manuals
  • Employee surveys to establish performance and wellbeing feedback – we like to call it: ‘keeping a finger on your team’s pulse’
  • Goalplan’s academy feature brings e-learning opportunities to the palm of a hand – on the move, from any device


Summary: An all-in-one platform to connect and curate good practice


We started off by saying that coaches need to be well-informed in order to deliver support and assist workers. Next, we discussed the daily frustration that comes with sending out emails and messages without receiving a response or noting any real impact. Well, the same goes for legacy tools such as spreadsheets – they’re both tiresome and ineffective. Another issue echoed the worries of many leaders, who feel out of touch when it comes to staff training and wellbeing.


Luckily, Goalplan was born from a desire to fill an enormous void in the sales performance industry. Made by sales professionals for sales professionals, our platform removes any blind input and guarantees a constant stream of real-time results. Experts in their field, our team continuously evolves with YOU, the customer, offering sound assurance that productivity and harmonious working relations will ensue.


Following a simple process, the installation of the Goalplan app is the first step in making your company more efficient than ever. Everyone is connected and educated, data is visualised, and actionable insights are ready and waiting.


So what are you waiting for? Please get in touch today, to find out more. It’s the perfect time of year to make a final, lasting change - ready to jumpstart the new year.

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