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How Can Video Broadcasts Ensure That You’re Seen AND Heard?

‘Some experts have estimated that the average business executive spends approximately 75% to 80% of the day engaged in oral or written communication.’


Wow. That’s a lot. Are we suggesting that leaders only manage to employ a quarter of their day to activities other than trawling through emails and other messages? Possibly… but we can certainly relate to this intriguing statistic.  The real issue comes down to the fact that communication is paramount to the smooth running of any enterprise. However, the act of communicating should be a fluid affair, resonating throughout the entire organisation as a hidden gem or secret weapon for success and effective collaboration.


It goes without saying that communication channels must always be accessible and easy to navigate. Both receptor and receiver benefit from a mutual information exchange, if and when both parties are ‘available’ to either dispatch or take delivery of the message in hand. When lines of communication fall victim to a ‘one-way street’ scenario, then the memo literally gets lost. Messages pile up and swamp inboxes, seen but not heard – frustrating for the sender who seldom receives a response and frustrating for the receiver, overwhelmed by the forever increasing appearance of ‘unread’ entries - sound familiar?


‘One study, published in Business Outlook, based on the responses from over 1000 employers at Fortune 1000 companies found that workers send and receive an average of 1798 messages each day via telephone, email, faxes, papers, and face-to-face communications.’


Getting the message from A to B isn’t always clear-cut, but one thing’s for sure – nearly 2000 daily interactions are undoubtedly a lot! If only they all served their purpose and reached the correct audience at the right time... and as for emails and faxes – surely our incredible digital world has more to offer!


How to take control of communication in large organisations…


Many companies, large and small, would rank communication as a forerunner amongst priorities. Nevertheless, the greater the scale of the business, those aforementioned lines of communication inevitably become blurred, interlinked and often bypassed, creating an intricate web of messages, chats and data sharing which can easily get lost if not managed efficiently.  


When it comes to software development and integration, many companies look for the sweet spot between inhouse control and external supplementation to promote functionality most effectively with a ‘Swiss army knife’ of diverse tools. Performance enablement thrives on efficacious communication across all levels of an organisation. Therefore, the more extensive the scale, even closer attention must be paid to ensuring that messages and information find their ideal recipient. That’s why savvy organisations housing a huge staff register are opting for combined tools to cater for all of their communication needs.


What does the ideal company communication tool look like?


In sales, for example, leaders strive to stay ahead, but cannot do so if blind to the buzz surrounding them. They also need access to data and results on the go, in real-time. Furthermore, managers relish an escape from tedious messaging channels (emails etc.) and champion applications which allow them to communicate across the company spectrum with ease and flair, from the touch of a button.


Sophisticated, yet surprisingly user-friendly apps condense that over-complicated web of messaging threads, turning any device into a pocket-sized one-click-wonder. Your tablet, smartphone or computer can instantly access all KPI’s, team data, leaderboards and so on, not to mention becoming the hotspot for messaging as a native communication tool.


Have a chat or broadcast a message?


There’s a time and a place for internal chats and another for video broadcasting. One of the countless advantages of sales performance management applications is the versatility they allow to facilitate chat and push notifications (see previous blog: Are You Pushing Your Campaigns to the Front of the Line?), to keep the finger on the pulse of up-to-the-minute information, campaigns and messages. Broadcast functions actually enable you to create and distribute videos in seconds, acting as internal social media tools – a corporate Instagram, if you like!


The power of video is becoming a leading communication format. Personalised broadcasts create the perfect announcement, motivational pep talk or any other exciting update which needs to be shared. Even in the largest of organisations, video broadcasting is the ideal way to connect managers with staff at all levels, throughout the company and across the globe. Opening a video is a clear victor over opening yet another business email – videos are recorded with a target audience in mind, able to convey emotions, energy and visual connection.


 Summary – Lights, Cameras, Action!


What message will you record to motivate your most successful autumn quarter to date?


This week brings us one step closer to autumn or fall, inspiring a productive final quarter and prosperous end to an eventful and challenging year (see last week’s blog: The Best Part of Autumn is Bouncing Back!).


It’s so easy to say: ‘communication is key,’ without fully embracing the mass of responsibility that leaders face in order to ensure the effortless transmission of valuable information and insights circling around a company forum. The degree of urgency of any message is much more evenly distributed when each and every piece of communication is treated as invaluable – making sure that it’s both seen and heard as and when desired.


Internal chats, interactive components and video broadcasts bring messaging to the forefront of everyone’s attention – information is delivered in real-time, with a real purpose. Well-timed broadcasts break down barriers and approachability – putting a face to your name and allowing staff at all levels to feel relevant and valued. For once, you can say what you really need to, in a no-frills fashion, with nothing left to misinterpretation – an indispensable tool with a powerful impact, when used appropriately.


What will be the purpose of your first recording?


Next time: The benefits of personalised home screens – see you then!




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