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How could a performance app prompt coaching needs?

How could a performance app prompt coaching needs?

'Manager training should include learning how to coach.' 

Right from the word go, Goalplan has established a lack of employee coaching across a range of companies, noticing that many miss a trick or two when it comes to employee development.

So many clients have sought help, somewhat baffled by consistently disappointing results or plateaued employee progress. But for us, as sales professionals from a diverse background of industries, it’s always easy to identify the standard approach to training and coaching that holds companies back.


So what’s the problem? 

'We have coaches - they train staff. We set goals and we evaluate progress – BUT, we don’t always seem to move forward…' 

  • Well firstly, let’s separate training and coaching into two different categories before we go any further - training is one thing, coaching is another
  • Secondly, expecting outcomes to follow a succession of events from training to obtaining results, feels like an awfully linear approach

What is training?

Informing and educating staff in order to arm them with the knowledge and resources they need to carry out their roles.

And coaching?

A coach guides and encourages individuals, allowing them to put expertise acquired from training and other experiences into practice.

(All the training and knowledge in the world still benefits from an optimised environment and support network to make sure that one’s full potential is accessible).

Without a clear distinction between training and coaching, many managers fall into the frustrating trap of expecting changes to happen in the perfect order. Unfortunately, this doesn't allow for much flexibility, or time to truly act on issues identified as needing work. 

Other common questions:

  • 'If I train my staff, then why are they struggling to meet sales KPIs?'
  • 'Our coaches exude motivation and are experts in sales, yet results are still meandering unpredictably. What's going on?


The solution:

Forward-thinking organisations who recognise the necessity to train sales managers to ‘listen and guide,’ rather than just ‘direct,’ have unlocked the power to turn trained managers into successful coaches.


‘Managing is typically a one-way street, while coaching relies on communication by both parties.’


Putting this concept into action certainly requires attention, but may take up less time than you think. What you need is a system in place to observe and measure staff performance – a system that also allows you to extract valuable, actionable insights. In doing so, you’ll begin to focus on the ‘whys and wherefores,’ rather than the completion or realisation of targets.

Goalplan's versatile platform uses embedded analytics to provide leaders with crucial data that in turn, singles out opportunities for coaching. For example, rather than becoming bogged down on who has achieved what, managers can direct their attention to digging deeper, in order to understand why certain failures or pitfalls have arisen.  

Many corporate coaches around the world are familiar with the GROW model, whose ‘four steps can be applied to any coaching challenge or opportunity.’ 

Finetuned KPI indexes and other tailored resources facilitated by the Goalplan team to provide an entirely bespoke service, allow managers to use data effectively and focus on the GROW concept:


Goalswhat are they and who do they apply to?

Realitywhat’s the current situation and how does it impact goals?

Optionsdo your options lend themselves to the tasks and KPIs in hand?

Willwhat’s next?


The Goalplan app’s multiple smart features allow leaders to break the habit of that once linear process, which went from viewing results and leaderboards, to directly pushing a new set of objectives. On the contrary, Goalplan works in partnership with you, not only to identify goals and define KPIs, but also to fully understand your reality and the options available to you.


However, the icing on the cake is having the confidence to act on that forth idea - will: 

  • Based on the actionable insights made accessible in real-time, across devices and even offline, the Goalplan platform provides amazing feedback and opportunities to revel in an array of options that you’d perhaps never considered before
  • Deciding what action to take after evaluating KPIs and results, could finally convert the previously rigid linear approach, into a revolutionary cycle
  • In fact, our founder and CCO has shared some fantastic insights in the past to encompass this theme – why not check some out? For example: Why Employee Coaching is Often the Missing Ingredient in Sales Success


Summary: Create a wheel that keeps on spinning & don’t break the cycle

Joining forces with Goalplan could be the first step to ensure a continuous cycle promoting organisational success. Once you’ve made the decision to make some digital transformations in your company, such as integrating a dynamic app which works harmoniously with your current systems and ethics, then you’re no longer stuck in a malfunctioning linear process. 

The Goalplan app boasts a wide variety of digital innovations providing endless opportunities to connect staff on all levels, and provide coaches with the right tools to get the best out of people. From analysing data, employee survey responses and competition entries, it has never been easier to take action and guarantee increased performance.

Note: Don't forget to check out Goalplan's e-learning feature - another great way to educate staff, even remotely!

To find out what Goalplan could do for you, please get in touch here.


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