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How Could Personalised Home Screens Provide Greater Focus?

‘The tailoring of online media exposure has been made possible by web-based applications that aggregate content per the consumer’s specifications.’


From personalised pens to dedicated playlists, it's likely that we've all have picked up various articles throughout our lives which possess special qualities or provoke fond memories. For instance, kids have long loved T-shirts with their names printed on the front, although these days they’d probably prefer a personalised mobile phone case. But the fact remains the same: an item with sentimental value or a personal touch, is always going to be a favourite. Relatable? Funnily enough, a recent search casually browsing customisable gifts, unexpectedly revealed the following wisdom:


‘Feeling that you aren’t getting something generic or run-of-the-mill makes you feel in control. That’s because you are getting something that is different than the status quo. You’re getting something created and tailored just for you, making you feel like you’re in the driver’s seat.’


Something as simple as a writing implement can mean so much more with engraved initials or an embroidered case, perhaps even capable of inspiring fine calligraphy and pride. Therefore, the power of personalisation and customisation could psychologically bring about greater efforts and refined focus in all walks of life, including at work.


However, when it comes to their terminology, it’s important to understand some key differences between them. Notably, any changes or adaptations made to a product, item or application, will of course be instigated by someone or something, either  manually or automatically. More on this later... 


Have you made any personal touches to make life easier?


A namesake coffee mug sat on a matching coaster sporting your title or nickname, are sure to make you smile as you sit at your desk. There’s no denying that we tend to work better when in a good mood and positive frame of mind. (See previous blog on wellbeing and attainable goal setting).


We also love a personalised mobile phone home screen to greet us, as we peruse and scroll through social media and other favoured apps in our free time. Nonetheless, in order to boost performance and fulfil potential, the ability to manually customise elements of our workstation makes us feel in control, giving us a say in the way in which we work.


If we’re all operating from the same platform, then which components could be personalised or customised?


Let’s take sales performance management solutions, for example. Customers seek versatile tools adapted to their every need. Providers of sales performance software, with the ability to track data in real-time and readily provide invaluable insights on the go, need to go the extra mile to really ‘get to know’ their clients. By investing time and resources in studying the inner workings of a company, in parallel with their ideal goals, then companies providing such a service are equipped to deliver a truly personal package.


Any platform designed to fit like a glove, therefore, requires limited or no further input from the customer – the system literally works for them in the background, automatically compiling and analysing digital data and delivering actionable insights without delay. Performance management apps acquired by sales organisations wishing to maximise productivity and ensure that targets are met without question, benefit from the extensive homework carried out previous to integration.


Customisation, on the other hand, allows users to manually input or make changes outside of the management company or algorithmic motions. Some customers prefer to maintain a certain degree of control over data input and specific features, where others will opt for the installation of new software to offer a bespoke service, handling all of their needs, fully researched and personalised.


How can managers optimise personalisation?


Leadership and management teams require a great deal of insight into the configuration of a company, with access to sensitive or complex data. In reality, some employees are unlikely to require such high-level access, whether irrelevant to their role in appropriate for confidentiality purposes, for instance. What’s imperative is, that each and every member of an enterprise at any level of the company hierarchy, requires clear access to what they ‘need’ in order to do their best job. Nevertheless, company home screens and the like are often generic, perhaps even confusing or ridiculously time-consuming to navigate.


If truth be told, home screens are actually the perfect place to start for sales companies wishing to adopt sales performance management tools to enhance  business. By allowing the application to track data and define company and employee roles, needs and targets, then each and every individual will be welcomed by a personalised home screen, providing the optimum environment from which to work – with specialist access to exactly what they ‘need.’ Any further manual customisation is a talking point for the future – the personalised home screen is already the perfect hybrid to maxismise efficiency and performance.


Summary: All Eyes Looking in the Same Direction - but through Personalised Home Screens!


In a corporate world saturated by digital innovations, it’s fundamental to make the correct decisions when it comes to developing or integrating new software to boost productivity. Any customisable features must be appropriate and worth it – meeting KPI’s needs more tender loving care than time spent changing colours and backgrounds can provide. Staff with access to customisable items need to understand their benefits and time constraints - and choose wisely.


If employee efforts are best directed elsewhere, then serving up a generous helping of personalised elements is an extremely productive manner in which to engage attention and also address personal needs. Sales performance management companies that do the groundwork and tailor home screens and other items to meet precise requirements, therefore offer a secure, functional platform from which to work. The collective ethos and aims of a company take on a new dimension with such ‘made to order’ tools - ensuring all eyes focus on the same goal of company success (through individual eyes and personalised home screens!)


Join us next time for more innovations.




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