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The word ‘creativity’ is dutifully doing the rounds this month, from social media to huge corporate organisations. Creative minds, innovative ideas and smarter working are all set to be key runners in the race to smash 2022. All of these concepts echo positivity, encouraging us to look forward and leave recent difficulties behind - what a great start to the new year!


Something needs to change – but what?


Although it’s not always clear what isn’t working, it’s always brave to acknowledge that something isn’t right. As soon as you establish the missing link, hinderance or outdated element, then action can be taken.


If you’re finding it hard to break the cycle of monotonous admin, inefficient tracking systems and unmanageable processes, then Goalplan's complete sales performance platform could be exactly what the doctor ordered:


We break down company challenges and offer lasting, automated solutions:


Performance tracking

  • Managers, how would you like to watch sales performance in real time?
  • By visualising sales data and KPIs, tracking is both simple and attractive
  • What’s more, actionable insights are immediately on hand to drive performance

Performance management

  • We’ve revisited the topic of digital transformation several times of late, and will continue to do so – it really is key
  • By digitising management processes, leaders can define and distribute targets, control sales budgets and coach teams effectively
  • In fact, communication hits a whole new high, offering a two-way street of understanding 

Performance enablement

  • Using video broadcasting, push notifications, interactive leaderboards, sales campaigns and competitions, it’s never been easier (or more fun) to engage staff
  • Educating employees and allowing them to grow is ideal, both for mindset and productivity – e-learning, coaching and staff surveys are all intricate details of the Goalplan app


We are delighted to maintain so many working relationships with our customers. That’s the fundamental difference with Goalplan – we offer a partnership, a professional family, a team…


Our all-in-one platform caters for all industries, including banking, retail, education, direct sales and telecoms. The real beauty is that we tailor modules to suit your individual needs – we haven’t created a generic product, but moreover a fully bespoke, custom-made super tool.


Take the following testimonials for example:


It was really good timing! I needed all performance at my fingertips – I needed to see it. Everything was quick, snappy and highly personalised. Johan Rehn, Regional Operations Manager, Macforum


Before, managers were losing 1.5 hours per day on spreadsheets, making their own PowerPoints etc. Goalplan made it all accessible - one platform - one device. Leading telecom company, Sweden


They always delivered much higher than expectations… Shefali Sharma, Sales Director, Oriflame India


The aforementioned companies (and many more) have taken a creative approach to change. Creativity doesn’t have to mean radical change, uncomfortably modern alterations or ideas that interfere with your organisation’s core values. On the contrary, being creative in the face of change, allows leaders to open their eyes and ears to what’s not working, offering staff interactive methods to unite and prosper at work.


It’s clear that the Goalplan solution already serves multiple companies across the world (spanning 4 continents, 11 countries and counting…), allowing them to achieve goals, excel in their marketplace and leave competition far behind - you could be next!


Summary – It’s time to be creative:


Performance tracking

  • Let go of spreadsheets - welcome integrated systems and automated input

Performance management

  • Set targets and align with KPIs, provide frequent follow-ups, coach, inspire and BOOST SALES

Performance enablement

  • Give email a miss and try video broadcasting, employee surveys or fun campaigns to get the message across – instant feedback guaranteed


We invite you to look at what you already have, have a chat with us about what you’d like to change – and we’ll go from there.

We’ll help you to identify problems, provide solutions and work shoulder to shoulder to make your digital transformation journey quick, easy and profitable. Please get in touch here. 


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