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How to Kickstart Your Digital Transformation Journey TODAY!

Digital transformation is an extremely long-term goal. It’s the end game, but also a tremendous work in progress. Moving from manual legacy tools like Excel files to machine learning and artificial intelligence, is a mighty leap, not an easy step. 

CIO’s navigating complicated pathways - this is for you

Swamped with defining needs, or struggling to  create realistic plans? 

Take a step back and break things down. Digital transformation is a long journey - what does it mean for your organisation? Are you overloaded with administration?


It’s a common problem - managers spend around six hours per week on admin.


It takes years to digitally transform a business, and more for everyone to become literate and capable in using new tools and processes. The disappointment of projects leading to nowhere and countless meetings are also exhausting. 


The solution - Focus on what you can do NOW (not 'x' years down the line) 


Goalplan invites you to start NOW, with minimal effort on your part: 

  • Provide us with the information and data that you wish to be distributed, visualised and shared
  • We’ll kick start your digital transformation using existing data and systems 


 Our motto: use what you already have and turn it into what you need - starting small promises enormous future benefits 


The Goalplan app is easily integrated, providing embedded analytics to the entire workforce - thousands, rather than tens of individuals receive valuable insights. Engaging the entire organisation empowers all employees, encouraging self-leadership and understanding of actionable insights.


You don’t need to wait years: Waiting is pointless if the eventual outcome may never be achieved. Competitors won’t ‘wait’ – they’re most probably turning their current systems and data into what they need already.


How can we help? 

  • We’ll take the boring bit off your hands
  • You can stop waiting for reports
  • We gather your data, regardless of current systems 
  • Smart integration is set up  - a couple of weeks (not years!)
  • Your entire organisation uses the app to access real-time visual data in KPI’s and indexes
  • Modern communication channels, information tools and engagement strategies are also prioritised 


Get ready for virtually no admin at all...


The Goalplan app makes taking action available in the same tools, leading to measurable results and creating proactive organisations. 


'We lead leaders in taking smarter and more qualitative actions.’


Summary – Big Journeys Begin with Small Steps


Start NOW to automate collection, aggregation and presentation of key KPI’s - digital transformation will follow.   

Communication and engagement can be simple. Employees can access target KPI’s and embedded analytics, with improved information channels and enablement to take action and reap results there and then.


Say goodbye to admin and make way for a digital platform that works anywhere, at any time. Goalplan - the total package!


Please get in touch here to find out more.

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