How sales productivity can affect your entire business - and not just because of results

By Henrik Troselius - May 31, 2019

When we talk about improving sales performance, the typical response is to think about profits. Of course, improving sales enables companies to make more money - the end goal for just about every business. But improving sales performance and productivity can affect your entire business, and not just the results. Here's what we mean:

Employee satisfaction and retention

Enabling sales teams with the right tools, and the right support from leadership means that more often than not, your team feels engaged and encouraged. Providing the right learning opportunities, coaching, and skill development also has a clear indication for increased employee satisfaction which in turn results in employees staying on board, longer.

Not only do more productive employees sell more, but satisfied employees sell more. Taking care of your team means you don't have to worry that they will take care of the customers. This leads to a reduction in employee turnover, which can also reduce hiring and onboarding costs.

Having to constantly train new employees for your sales team is expensive and time consuming. By underscoring performance of your existing employees in ways that they feel engaged and appreciated means that they tend to stay with your company longer, making for an even better return on investment for recruitment and hiring.

When morale is high for your employees, it can drastically change workplace culture. Happy employees make for positive environments, and vice versa. The most successful organizations are typically ones that consistently get high scores for their emphasis on building great company cultures.

Less administration, more sales

One of the biggest benefits of digitalizing processes and deploying better tools for your teams is that there can be less time spent on tedious manual tasks and report filing, and more time spent on the activities that actively work to grow your business.

When your sales staff can save time traditionally spent on administration or other tasks, they can more easily spend that time on actual sales, or developing better relationships with customers. Do not underestimate the benefit of your sales team having even thirty more minutes per day to support and engage with customers, whether you have physical retail locations, or office-based sales teams who need to discover prospects. In any type of sales organization, time spent "on the floor" literally and figuratively, can make a world of difference to your customers.

The success of any company relies heavily on customer service and public perception. If you can support your sales team in a way that enables your company to have a reputation for having staff that is knowledgeable, efficient, and supportive, it can greatly increase your word-of-mouth sales opportunities.

Engaged organizations that are agile and innovative

When employees are supported and engaged, and less time is spent on manual administrative tasks, organizations tend to be able to grow faster and be more innovative.

In today's competitive and fast-paced market, the companies who are disruptive and quicker to adapt to changes in technology and consumer trends will be the ones who come out on top.

Creating an infrastructure within your organization that includes an emphasis on values like being open to change, and trying new things, means you can give your sales teams and other employees the support and encouragement they need to be thinking about improvements, even if they are not in leadership positions.

Innovation doesn't just come from executives at the tops of organizations who are thinking about the daily ins and outs of simply running a business. Often it comes from workers within organizations who are faced directly with problems, and coming across issues first-hand. Giving your sales teams the right tools to be reflective, communicative, accountable, and supported, means they may be able to deploy creative problem solving more easily.

While deploying digitization for improving sales performance is, of course, about increasing sales results, there are so many more benefits of having engaged, flexible, and agile staff. The sales of the future means that adaptability is underscored by tech, but also that your sales teams are seen as your most powerful tools.

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