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Goalplan closes financing round to help accelerate growth

We at Goalplan are extremely excited to finally announce that we have secured a first round of venture funding to the tune of three million Swedish kronor. We've received the funds in the form of several different contributions from angel investors, who for now will remain anonymous until a future announcement. We're enthusastic for what this investment means for our customers, as we'll be able to work on continued growth, and an expansion of customer-focused services and marketing. 

Our software was created as a way to harness data that can turn employee insights into action for sales organisations. We want to help sales-forward businesses improve their leadership and sales processes, and we do this through the Goalplan suite of tools. I speak for the whole team when I say I'm extremely excited for this investment as a way for us to continue to help sales teams set sales and customer service goals, track progress, and find coaching and learning opportunities for employees.

These investments come as reinforcement that what we're trying to accomplish at Goalplan with customer and sales staff insights tools are a needed and important next step for continued digitization. You most likely know by now that through the use of data, retail businesses no longer need to use trial-and-error methodologies for optimising sales. It's because of this and our mission, that we'll also begin looking to the future of technology, and will be using some of the investment for research and development of machine learning capabilities for smart, ongoing improvements in our software.

We feel that when you’re able to gain real insights about employee behaviors, you are better positioned to make changes as need be, and build a staff that is in charge of their own motivations and goal achievements. You can then see better returns, increased sales overall, and even higher spend averages per customer when your staff are properly coached and motivated.

We can't wait to start this next chapter of our journey with you, and we look forward to continuing to build beautiful, functional, and smart tools to improve your business. 

- Henrik.

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