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Seasonal Campaigns and Competitions to End the Year on a High

With Halloween behind us, November suddenly greets us with the run up to Black Friday and shops already filling up with festive decorations. Countless publicity tactics pushing gifts and seasonal touches are all around. However, although it feels mighty early to consider putting up the Christmas tree, the sales world is certainly gearing up to push Christmas incentives and an end-of-year buzz.


In the sales world, the Christmas season plays a hugely important part. For example, US retail trends reveal that:

‘Almost a third of all retail sales happen between Black Friday and Christmas Day. It’s the shopping period most people look forward to, beating Amazon Prime Day and other gift-giving seasons like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.’


Whether you’re in retail, banking, telecoms, education, direct sales or otherwise, why not put Goalplan right at the top of your company’s wish list?


Better still, our performance management app shouldn’t be kept under wraps until the end of the year – Goalplan is the perfect companion in the lead up to Christmas.


Why do I need Goalplan this side of the new year?


There's literally no better time to boost motivation and sales, so why not add a fun twist and perhaps a competitive spirit too?



  • Goalplan’s campaign feature keeps everyone on the same page
  • Company campaigns are accessible from our smart app across devices - the ideal feature to enhance engagement and inspire collective efforts
  • A user-friendly Campaign Creation Tool allows you to name the campaign, set target groups, along with start and end dates (hint: you’ve got until Christmas folks!)
  • Why not add some extra winter spice with a quiz to round things off and check understanding?
  • Collate as many campaigns as you see fit in our handy Information Hublet’s leave emails, phone messages and print-outs behind, shall we?
  • Valuable feedback is finally easily requested and collated using our survey feature – what’s working and what needs some extra attention?

Take a look at our past blog for more detailed campaign information – Are you Pushing Campaigns to the Front of the Line?



  • If you’re nurturing a company where staff at all levels respond favourably to a healthy challenge, then this one’s for you!
  • Create and distribute competitions and incentives to employees and target groups
  • It’s as easy as clicking ‘Create sales competition’ using the creation tool and following some simple steps, including adding rules and uploading an introductory video before launching the challenge – your presence through video broadcasting will really get your Christmas (and any other) campaigns off the ground
  • A detailed view allows you to check leaderboards and even engage in competition-specific chat – not a spreadsheet in sight!
  • Where there’s a competition, there are sales – more sales!
  • Real-time updated sales data can be tracked and analysed from the palm of your hand, saving time and providing valuable insights at all times


If you’re looking for further inspiration, here’s some more information on how competitions should be top of the agenda: Have you Hosted any Sales Competitions Lately?


It’s incredible how fast the year whizzes by, especially this one with its many ups and downs and changes as the world has fought to get back on track. Not so long ago, we discussed using the autumn months to positively define your year end. And now here we are – November is upon us, and it really is time for that last push. Read more here.



Summary – All I want for Christmas?

One product for my every need!


Goalplan would be delighted to sit down with you and discuss your requirements. If things haven't been going so well, then no doubt fatigue and dismay are setting in at this time of year – but don’t panic, we have good news!


  • Striving to implement Christmas campaigns and competitions to drive sales and performance over the coming weeks IS possible
  • We focus on what you can do NOW – making small changes now could have a massive impact on your overall productivity, kickstarting your digital transformation journey TODAY 
  • All staff will benefit from the excitement and motivation of working towards Christmas targets


What’s more, actionable insights from tracked activity will set you on the right path for starting the next sales year with a bang!


If you’d like to set your festive campaigns live ASAP, or receive a general overview of the Goalplan app, then please get in touch here. 


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