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Stefan Carlsson joins Goalplan as senior advisor

We are thrilled to announce that Stefan Carlsson has joined Goalplan as an investor and senior advisor. In his advisory role, Stefan will focus on expanding Goalplans footprint in Asia.


Stefan Carlsson has a long and successful career in the global telecom and technology industry, including 15 years in Asia. Stefan has held senior leadership roles in the Telenor Group in Sweden, Pakistan and Malaysia as well as the Ooredoo Group in the Philippines and at IndosatOoredoo in Indonesia.


"Stefan Carlsson brings a vast experience from the global telecom and technology industry that is very valuable for us at Goalplan. Following our expansion to India in 2019, Stefan’s experience and network in Asia will help Goalplan to further expand in the Asian markets. I’m really excited to welcome Stefan to Goalplan, both as an advisor and investor". says Goalplan CEO Markus Täkte.



"I am excited about the opportunity to work with the Goalplan team and to help with the company’s global expansion. Goalplan is in many ways ahead of its time in offering a leading cloud based app for sales performance management in large, complex sales organisations where you have everything you need in one app. Goalplan has proven that the solution can deliver a substantial improvement in sales key performance metrics at telecom operators, banks, large retail chains and global multi-level marketing enterprises around the world. Many large organisations in Asia have started their digital transformation journey so this is a good time to introduce Goalplan to the mix". says Stefan Carlsson


About Goalplan:

Goalplan is a SaaS-based platform created to help large and complex sales organizations improve their performance and achieve their stretched goals. 

In sales organizations with thousands of employees across multiple sales channels, even small productivity and achievement improvements to KPIs will significantly impact results and potentially make a company outcompete its industry rivals. Some of these organizations still work with legacy tools and systems, which prevents employees from reaching anywhere near their full potential and keeps them far away from organizational greatness.


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