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The Passion Behind Direct Sales – Do You 'Buy' It?

‘DSN created the Global 100 list to acknowledge the achievements of direct selling companies and to provide a clear picture of the magnitude of the industry. Just as every credible industry ranks its players – through Inc. 500, FORTUNE 500, and Forbes’ lists – DSN wanted to show the public what a viable and credible industry direct selling is.’


For many budding entrepreneurs or those wishing to take control of their working hours and income, a conventional nine-to-five set-up doesn’t always appeal. To be honest, neither does pushing products in a shop or store that you wouldn’t dream of buying yourself – et voilà – the question of passion comes into play. To promote or sell any product, service or concept, the most successful players in the business truly believe in what they’re offering (or they could just be exceptionally convincing!)


Aspiring to be one’s own boss and call the shots might not be an available route for all, not least one that invariably requires some financial backing or support, along with plenty guts, ambition and focus. Building a business from scratch can also pose more hurdles than the Olympic tracks we’ve been watching this week. Additionally, other options such as franchises, the helping hand of investors or mentors and other corporate incentives may open doors as well. 


However, there is still another hugely favourable option – no investor or initial franchise pay-out required: direct sales…


The flexibility of direct sales – are you making the most of it?


Direct selling provides a happy in-between of selling a broadly marketable product using a well-known or already-established business model, but without a crippling financial outlay to join. Although some fee or commitment may be required early on, a recognised brand name and accessible product line often speaks for itself, encouraging customer security and belief in the merchandise. It’s also a great opportunity for the seller or rep to make a pretty packet in record time. 


The flexible nature of direct selling liberates representatives from fixed points of sale in designated retail locations. It’s this versatility that I’m referring to with regard to making the most of direct sales – the world is literally your oyster when you can move around, tap into different markets and constantly strive to smash your own targets. Truly capitalising on such freedom no doubt demands a great deal of dedication and sales flair, but without effective tools to track and monitor day-to-day activity, some efforts could be in vain. 


Are you looking for the best direct sales solution?


Digitalising every aspect of workforce and consultancy data, helps any direct sales organisation to set targets, plan intricate practice and follow up accordingly on activity and sales. The perfect solution for target setting in a direct selling environment could lie in rewarding sales reps with the liberty of choosing which targets they wish to take on and reject those which don’t inspire. Notwithstanding, feedback on dismissed targets could offer invaluable information for leaders to find out what really pushes buttons. 


Using a sales performance application which offers the above insights and also an activity planner, makes target retrieval even more manageable, along with an activity tracker to monitor geolocations and success rates (see last week’s blog: Are You Tracking Present Activity for the Future or to Record the Past?). Activities can even be tracked and registered in offline mode, making sure that all uploads end up in the right place, even when your internet connection momentarily lets you down (See blog).


What other benefits can sales performance management apps offer? 


Further to the aforementioned perks, is the ability to collect sales data and display both targets and KPI’s updated in real-time, in both web and native apps. This ensures that nothing goes unnoticed and any mishaps can be rectified immediately, providing an unrivalled level of value and performance. Furthermore, the time saved  from compiling sales data and reviewing consultant findings is immeasurable, allowing time and energy to be better spent elsewhere. 


When DSN (Direct Selling News) announced its Global 100 list in 2020, the biggest names in direct sales hit the spotlight, amongst them, Oriflame Cosmetics:

‘The list measures the true impact our business has on people’s lives as well as the economic impact direct selling companies make on the communities they serve.’ 

After adopting the integration of a top sales performance management app, Shefali Sharma, Sales Director for Oriflame India, revealed the exceptional control and peace of mind offered by the long-awaited software solution. She detailed her satisfaction in a recent interview, praising its convenience and dynamism, ‘helping them to become more agile and save copious amounts of valuable time and effort.’

She explained how, ‘the platform solution excels at visualising and tracking performance, in order for the organisation to be able to act upon such data.’ Shefali also detailed the simplicity of the app with its real-time capacity – ‘always at her fingertips, at the push of a button.’


(Read the case study and watch the full interview here).


Summary – Be Direct!


Many people favour individuals who boast a confident demeanour, with the self-assurance to carry off a direct attitude and honestly share their opinions. In sales, the ability to be direct, disclose all information to the client or customer and to fulfil timely expectations are all reliable traits. Therefore, reps able to directly pick and choose targets, set one’s own agenda and be in control of attainability and aspirations, are onto a winning combo.


From a management perspective, direct sales activity which can be tracked in real-time with the direct possibility to act instantaneously, is another gold medal winner. With unblurred lines, all activity in plain sight and a two-way street for regular feedback, an application to facilitate such champion practice is clearly the way to go. 


More on direct sales models next time…



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