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The Plug & Play Technology Behind Customisable Remote Leadership

The sales industry has come a long way from manual reporting, physical printouts and in-store programs. Managers are no longer required to close distances by personally visiting a widely distributed salesforce with face-to-face interaction.


I’m a sales manager with a tight schedule - how can I be everywhere at once?


First thing’s first, let’s establish the individual needs of your company in order to address the best way to tackle progressive leadership and better time management:


What do we ask our prospective customers?

  • What does your current practice look like and which systems are you using?

The response every time:

Inefficient, time-consuming tools are holding us back. We cannot easily analyse metrics and investigate individual achievements.

  • If the process were swift and simple, would you be interested in digitally transforming your data management?

Absolutely – we’re crying out for a shared platform to connect leadership with other staff, making data tracking seamless and up to date, as well as encouraging transparency and coaching opportunities.


These requirements may sound demanding and out of reach, however, they’re all possible. Meeting such criteria is exactly what we do (and much more!)


The Goalplan App: An ever-present tool enabled with Plug & Play modules

We’ll help you to define needs, discuss timelines and desired outcomes. Next, we’ll collectively review the Goalplan core modules, before considering your other unique requirements - we offer a fully integrated, user-friendly ecosystem designed specifically for you.


The Goalplan Core:

  • At the centre of Goalplan's platform is easy management of flexible, customised modules – it’s as simple as dragging and dropping features
  • Whether it’s marketing, landing pages or email campaigns, your site and general practice are constantly optimsied

Tailored modules include:

  • Interactive leaderboards and scorecards
  • Real-time results with faultless accuracy - engaging, motivating, and accessible across the board
  • Individual, team or whole company analysis
  • Activity trackers – allowing you to define activities, study geolocations and follow up with ease
  • Sales competitions and campaigns – keeping everyone informed, involved and excited
  • Staff surveys – invaluable feedback and actionable insights into staff wellbeing and performance
  • Information Hub – everything under one umbrella, including company manuals and easy distribution of campaigns and other info.
  • Video broadcasts – communication is at the heart of Goalplan's philosophy, using the latest innovations to reach out across organisations, such as delivering personalised video broadcasts


We have some specialised needs – I can’t find their coverage on the Goalplan website...


Whatever your particular need, our skilled developers can make it happen. Perhaps some of your tailor-made modules are yet to be envisaged – we’ll soon adapt them, providing a fully bespoke service. For instance, one of our customer’s required a focussed BPS feature, in order to facilitate sales projections and consultations: Read more about Business Planning Sessions in our case study with Oriflame, India.


The Takeaway:

Rest assured, the Goalplan app is always evolving – we take our cues from YOU.

Our tools make remote leadership possible and stress-free, with Plug & Play intelligence ensuring effortless functionality and adaptation. You can add or adjust modules whenever and wherever you want - the Goalplan app grows with you.


We can’t wait to design modules especially for your company, digitally transforming your organisation, and keeping you worlds apart from the competition.


Please get in touch here to find out more.

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The Plug & Play Technology Behind Customisable Remote Leadership

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