Top 3 reasons to use performance statements in your sales process

By Henrik Troselius - November 12, 2018

In Goalplan's sales performance management process, the performance statement is an important entity. Performance statements, when used regularly and methodically, serve a number of purposes that can help further along a sales organisation's goal reach and improve results greatly. So what is a performance statement and why is it so important? Let's cover the basics:

What is a performance statement

A performance statement is essentially a self-reflection that your sales staff has regarding their performance towards their monthly goal. They should be honest with themselves - and management - about how they feel they are performing, and if they feel confident that they will reach their target. By taking a moment to do a heat check for their own individual sales process, and underscored by clear, effective communication, they can then be empowered to take relevant actions.

Why are performance statements important in sales organisations?

Once you begin to deploy performance statements as a regular part of your internal processes, you'll see a few different things can happen:

1. Performance statements help to hold your staff accountable - when we are forced to truly evaluate ourselves, there is no place to hide. Within big organisations especially, it can feel like keeping track of each individual is difficult to do. With performance statements, employees must answer for themselves

2. They keep people honest - the true goal of performance statements is to ensure that our staff are keeping their head above water - and are getting help if they need it. It's inefficient and ineffective if our sales employees are quietly drowning and we don't realize until the final results are in. Instead of scratching your head and asking what happened here, your staff will need to be honest about what they can and can't accomplish within a given time frame, giving you and them a chance to fix issues, address problem areas, or if they are outperforming they can be allocated more of the budget.

3. They can be (and should be) combined with analytics - you can think of performance statements and sales report metrics as having the same relationship as qualitative and quantitative research methods. While it's important to keep track of actual performance metrics, performance statements can act to give a little more context to the results you're seeing. When you use the two in tandem, you can see real-time results that allow you be consistently on top of your sales performance across your team so that you may be able to improve lagging numbers before it's too late.

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