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Wait for It to Break or Pre-empt the Problem?

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‘Adapting to change is what keeps us relevant, valuable and at the forefront of the competitive edge. It’s a leadership choice to remain current, but doing so doesn’t change who you are at the core. Just think of a chameleon. To survive in the lizard world, chameleons must change colours but doing so doesn’t change the fact that they’re still green lizards.’


Companies looking for performance management solutions often feel disorientated and lost in an orbit of results-related problems. Common issues tend to concern the monotony of conventional tools and the frustrating inefficiency of tired programs, such as those using spreadsheets, yawn-provoking databases, and tedious messaging channels. The crux of the matter is a profound need to improve, adapt and implement change, posing a mélange of managerial, administrative and financial decisions – that’s if you’re ready to embrace the change. (See previous blog: Could Embracing 'CHANGE' Make You Market Leader?)


If we’ve been adapting and evolving since the beginning of time in order to survive and prosper, then the danger of plateauing or regressing is a hazardous concept in the business world. Onwards and upwards are the only interesting directions on the radar – unlike the chameleon, we need more than a convincing disguise to fend off predators. Rest assured, if change is required, then your competitors could already be on to it!


‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…’  


If these words have ever crossed your mind or left your lips, then perhaps you’ve been accused of not taking risks, being averse to change, or even a tad lazy. However, the popular term which has been commonly floating around for about half a century, doesn’t automatically portray its source in a negative light. For instance, some individuals simply prefer to be cautious and keep change up their sleeve for when it’s utterly necessary, and avoid taking any wrong turns on the way. They prefer to base their assurance on the proof of the past, as opposed to winging it on ideals and aspirations. But is that where they’re going wrong?


How can I be confident in pre-emptive transformation? 


If we shy away from change and miss opportunities to be proactive and boast adaptability, then this could be monumentally detrimental to business. Despite its variability, we all regularly put our faith in weather forecasts and stock trends, and even take a stab at the lottery or other games which might better our lifestyles – so why should business forecasts be any less trustworthy? All inputted and tracked data serves a purpose, highlighting productivity and providing valuable insights and results. When tracking is conducted in its finest form, then recorded data is a solid foundation on which to pre-empt future activity. 


The nature of any sales forecast is always based on facts, figures and tangible evidence. With all risk assessment considered, then an accelerated curve on an uphill climb should be managed with a healthy balance of caution and change, as opposed to fear of unsettling the apple cart. Just because something is going well, doesn’t mean that it couldn’t do better! 


Pre-emptive transformation allows for changes to be made ahead of time, allowing you to act on reliable predictions which fall within safely composed parameters of jeopardy – you don’t have to make massive leaps at a time, but can slowly build up confidence by implementing small changes in order of priority.


How can I safely monitor data and ensure accurate predictions?


It goes without saying that tracking and data analysis are continuous cogs in the ‘wheel of fortune’ of any business. Keeping on top of results and using them to assertively forecast future activity and make realistic sales predictions is no easy task. Therefore, the integration of targeted software which provides a detailed and personalised activity tracker is the sure way to go. What’s more, if you’re worried about how to use this data, or indeed face a struggle to even find the time to do so, then an activity tracker with the ability to foresee the future will save you a great deal of stress. 


An application developed with a forecast algorithm is armed with all the tools needed to predict sales results and calculate monthly outcomes. Attributed to a huge advancement in artificial intelligence, machine learning capabilities such as the ability to make predictions based on the past, really do pave the way for the future – basically apps which are on the way to thinking for themselves, in OUR best interests. 


Summary – Be a Chameleon, but Don’t Hide!


Whether your stance is to implement change only when something needs fixing, or whether you prefer to pre-empt the problem, the possibility of change is always on the horizon (without expecting you to be physic!)


Changing your colours to fit in, doesn’t have to mean hiding or comfortably blending in, but moreover, could be a chance to prove your adaptability. In fact, if you’re worried about radical change and just want things to keep ticking over as they are now, then continuous development is still key, even to maintain current triumphs. With this in mind, French novelist Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr hit the nail on the head many years ago: 


‘Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose - 

The more things change, the more they stay the same.’


Finally, apps which facilitate data collection and use forecasting tools to make sensible and reasonable sales predictions, intelligently learn from the past and make secure decisions which influence the way you move forward. So, in a world where adaptability is key, by all means be a chameleon, but don’t hide behind camouflage – always find a way to stand out! 



More on results and insights next time…