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What’s Your Device of Choice?

What’s Your Device of Choice?

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Do you love a comfy office chair facing wide desktop monitors and a traditional keyboard? Or perhaps you prefer a tablet or laptop to get work done on the move…

Regardless of the array of devices at your disposal, would we be right in guessing that you invariably end up with your mobile phone in hand anyway?


If the answer is yes in a professional capacity, then let’s look at possible reasons why:

  • You’re managing a large organisation with hundreds or thousands of employees – phones are your go-to communication tool at all times
  • It’s not always possible or practical to move around, dashing from one place to another with laptops etc. in tow
  • It’s become comfortable and customary to use what’s at your fingertips, especially when your phone reflects a miniature version of larger devices

Unfortunately, that last point isn’t true for everyone. In fact, some leaders are tied to their desks, despite owning the most sophisticated phones on the market:


When programs are incompatible, the limitations are endless...


Take the sales industry, for example:

Some of Goalplan’s customers once believed that they’d cracked it when it came to digital software and online engagements. They were even satisfied with the systems they had in place to monitor KPIs.


So why did they need us?


The Problem: 'Our KPI’s are confined to desktop software and are inaccessible from unsupported mobile devices.'


Some companies were content with the way in which they defined specific, realistic KPIs (see past blog on SMART goals).

They were even happy to review data in retrospect and use spreadsheets or email to record and share findings. BUT, it was becoming increasingly more apparent that they were missing something…


If only data was accessible across devices – what a game changer that would be!


The Solution: We see your problem and raise you several bonus features!


Contrary to popular belief in the sales world, combining current systems with revolutionary software or integrating new apps with common practice, isn’t nearly as complicated or time-consuming as it sounds. Yes, it echoes digital transformation, but what it doesn’t provoke is a timely or mindboggling venture. (Click here to read more about kickstarting your digital transformation journey). 


The first response in making KPI data accessible across the board is part and parcel of the Goalplan app. We pair our software with your current systems, be they inhouse developments or otherwise, and allow the river of real-time KPI updates to flow. KPI information becomes reachable at the touch of a button, including on mobile phones.


Aside from answering KPI-access prayers, Goalplan offers a truly bespoke service using ground-breaking technology – digital transformation’s best friend, reaching the entire organisation and bringing them up to date:


‘Our sales performance management application has been developed with  ease of integration in mind. Our motto is: use what you already have and turn it into what you need. We provide embedded analytics which can be accessed and used across the workforce, allowing you to benefit from valuable insights reaching thousands, rather than tens of individuals.’


Helping you to establish a solid core is paramount to the future overall success of your business. Access to targets and instantaneous updates is key. That’s why we visualise your data, allowing you to keep on top and stay ahead of competition.


In addition to ensuring a healthy core, Goalplan also provides:

  • Customisable communication controls
  • Engaging competitions and campaigns
  • Interactive employee surveys
  • A dynamic information hub
  • Personalised activity trackers


Summary – ONE product for ALL needs


Nowadays, it’s highly inefficient to operate in any other way than collectively and collaboratively across your entire organisation. Wasting time on outdated systems or incompatible components is totally avoidable, as is the inability to view or access data from your mobile devices.


Instigating digital transformation and harmonising data sharing is the way forward. On the other hand, juggling multiple tools, apps and systems is a mighty challenge, especially when leaders and staff are not all on the same page or able to act on real-time responses.


Goalplan invites you to make minimal changes now, for maximum effect in the future. We understand that modifications and additions can be daunting, but trust us when we say that failing to make necessary changes will certainly lead to frustration and setbacks in the long run. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get started and how quickly you’ll enjoy the simplicity and functionality of our one-stop-shop power tool - one solution across all devices. 


We'd love to share more about Goalplan with you and how we can help you reach your goals!
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