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Will You Be in ‘Offline Mode’ This Summer?

‘Summertime itself has a negative impact on the workplace. People report productivity goes down (20%), attendance dips (19%), project turnaround times increase (13%) and they are more distracted (45 percent).


As we roll into the summer season, the days are long and the sun is shining (hopefully) – perhaps allocated holiday time is just around the corner too. However, so is the anxiety of leaving things unfinished, another team taking over, or simply failing to maintain business over the summer period. We may be snoozing on a sunbed, but sales momentum shouldn’t sleep.


Do you struggle to switch off in the holidays?


Whether you’re a self-confessed control freak, workaholic, or just genuinely pride yourself on excellent work and high standards, it’s not always easy to take a break. Unwinding on the beach or enjoying a new book in the garden may sound appealing, but if a tiny voice constantly invades your thoughts and reminds you of work, then it’s almost impossible to switch off and avoid interruptions, as per the above statistics – these days, we have more distractions than ever.


We are all entitled to a rest - taking time off shouldn’t be seen as a weakness or lack of commitment. But what if the pressure of the workplace doesn’t facilitate an environment conducive to continued success, when we’re not at the ‘desk’? Surely the answer lies in solid preparation prior to a vacation, to ensure the smooth ticking over of things, whilst you’re sipping that piña colada in the sun…


How can I guarantee the safe survival of my company during the holiday period?


Let’s face it, many of us live to work, rather than work to live. With this in mind, it’s utterly pointless to expect everyone to be 100% focused on their free time when on leave from work. Teachers are forever considering new resources for the upcoming term, designers are constantly visualising their ideas on any paper to hand, and a doctor isn’t exactly going to let someone die on the same aeroplane, just because they’re ‘on holiday.’ 


Therefore, removing the guilt of not being at work from the equation and instead, balancing restorative, relaxation time with controlled access to work channels, could be the perfect cocktail, for those who prefer to stay in control at all times. That said – if you prefer to put your feet up and delegate, then you’re perfectly entitled to do so as well. Our purpose here is to open your eyes to alternate means of ‘working on the go,’ when actually ‘on vacation.’ Being rewarded for doing so, would be even better!


I’m terrified of Wi-Fi-free zones -  how am I supposed to work?


Well if Netflix can do it, then so can you! As we said, preparation is key to ensuring a blissful getaway, with a pinch of work on the side. Just as your favourite series and films can be downloaded before a flight, without the need for Wi-Fi, other apps also exist with the ability to function offline. When it comes to sales performance management, real-time insights and fluid communication are essential. If you’re already bored after 20 minutes on the beach, or genuinely can’t pass up the opportunity to access certain files or data, then working offline is the obvious solution. 


What are the benefits of offline apps in general?


Companies built with an offline-first approach, make it possible to track and register activities, along with uploading data and images without an internet connection. The benefits of such features are not limited to travel, but also open up a whole new world of possibility when it comes to maximising potential across the board. Just as offline retail metrics are vital to truly monitor results (see previous blog: Retail, are you measuring offline as well as online?), apps with the ability to work in the background are key to maintain fluid communication throughout any enterprise.


Sales performance management could greatly prosper with the integration of apps compatible with offline productivity. For example, they facilitate collation of any tracked data, simplifying the distribution and sharing of information. Offering this type of information hub eradicates the need for emails and paperwork, reigning in those administrative tasks and keeping everyone up to date and in the loop at all times. Spread across an array of devices, campaigns, manuals and other useful info. will always be ready and waiting – even offline!


Summary – Bon Voyage & Happy Holidays!

(But if you really want to, you can work offline every now and then!)


Over the past month, we have explored some wonderful lessons in leadership and tips on becoming successful (see previous blogs). Another pearl of wisdom from the same source (Coach John Wooden), reiterates the fact that taking some downtime has its place. We’re advised to focus on our ‘condition’: ‘Mental-Moral-Physical. Rest, exercise and diet must be considered. Moderation must be practised. Dissipation must be eliminated.’


We must reiterate that we are in no way telling people that they shouldn’t take a break, but moreover advise those who will inevitably work anyway, to worry not – the implementation of certain tools at least removes the stress of not being able to get online. 


Apps which allow you to go about your business offline, or simply check in from time to time, bridge the gap and keep you connected - especially when combined with dynamic information hubs which bring all aspects of a company together, accessible to all at all times… from anywhere in the world (even on holiday!)


Next week, get ready to be educated, ‘e-learning’ style.


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