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knowing your metrics inside out is key to your teams performance

The Software Platform That Enables More Effective Sales Organisations

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Know all your Metrics

It's crucial for each of your team members to know their metrics. Activity-based metrics like Calls Made compared with results metrics like the Conversion Rates work together to show each individual the sales area that needs focus.

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Real-time Self-Reflection

On a regular basis, Goalplan asks all team members to self-reflect to evaluate if their monthly target is achievable. By self-reflecting and stating how they feel towards their goal set, Goalplan creates employee engagement and aims to have a "self-leadership" function.

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Competitions | Challenges

Creating challenges in Goalplan adds a fun element of healthy competition between employees or teams that can help spur increases in sales. Gamification is even shown to increase employee engagement and job satisfaction.

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Algorithm-based Forecast

Forecasting is often a big challenge for sales organisations, and is not always totally objective. At large scale with many teams and individuals, the consequence is that the forecast is not reliable. Our algorithm-based forecast is reliant on historical data.

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Data-Driven Coaching

With Goalplan, coaching turns digital. Identify opportunities and facilitate employee coaching as needed. Tag specific KPIs and time periods to track before and after results to see the impact and quality of coaching efforts.

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Chat | Communication

While goal setting, performance reviews and coaching are crucial for improving sales, none of it is possible without clear collaboration. That's why all of your activities can be facilitated in Goalplan through a native communication tool.

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Unify priorities throughout your sales organisation

Equip every member of your team to contribute to success

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Goalplan gathers data from several different sources and presents individual and aggregated results on your pre-defined KPIs. This means no more hours spent crunching numbers, and you can instead spend more time were it actually makes a difference.

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Goalplan presents all metrics, conversion rates, and forecasts in an easy-to-understand way for all team members on all levels of the sales organisation. Goalplan makes it clearer for sales representatives to understand and see where there is extra effort needed. It also gives team leaders great insight into where he or she needs to take action.

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Your company has routines and processes for sales performance management and how to engage your sales staff. With Goalplan, these day-to-day management and staff activities are performed digitally, which allows you to monitor behaviors that you know will lead to better results.

Real-time data is a strong asset

Here are some of the integrations that are fueling Goalplan with data


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