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Our clients and their stories

Each company has its own story. Here are some of Goalplans clients, their challenges and how Goalplan create value


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Johan Rehn, Retail manager @ Macforum

Our Mission is to help our clients reach theirs.

Sports retailer

After 2 years of discussing how to give more autonomy to the store's base employees, including vendors and assistants, Centauro found the perfect tool to provide all necessary information to carry out their work

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‘getting through the year all ok isn’t good enough - it shows you haven’t dared.'

When you already are the market leader, spanning a huge geographic territory with tens of thousands of employees, what more could you possibly need?

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Consumer electronics

Going forward, not only will the implementation of the Goalplan app ensure the survival of physical stores, but Isabella also recognises its potential to keep Scandinavian Photo at the head of their game, using the best leadership tool on the market.

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Apple Premium Reseller

“It was really good timing! I needed global performance at my fingertips – I needed to see it. Goalplan and Macforum quickly struck up a great working relationship. Everything was quick, snappy and highly personalised.”

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Direct sales

"The convenience that the Goalplan app brought to the table was ground-breaking for the business, helping them to become more agile and save copious amounts of valuable time and effort.

Oriflame India, An Interview with Shefali Sharma, Sales Director, India.

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Restaurant chain

International Meal Company (IMC) employs over 10 000 people in their 490 restaurants. Read how IMC and their Frango Assado are leveraging their operations with Goalplan.

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Frango Assado - WallPaper - Carvalho Pinto

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