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the fourth of the Four ingredients in the RECIPE for sales organisational success

The Digital, Trackable Solution for Coaching Staff

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Coach your employees from any device

Goalplan works on desktops, iOS and Android. This means you can start and follow-up on coaching anywhere, anytime even with the employees that you don't meet regularly.

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Data driven coaching results

Choose employees to coach, relevant KPI outcomes and coaching period. With Goalplan, you have the ability to see data on how the KPIs have changed after the coaching period ends.

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Collaborate in real-time around coaching

When a coaching dialogue is running, at anytime both parties can communicate and collaborate via Goalplan. Everything is stored at the same place.

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Coach your part-time employees

With employees that work part-time or are spread throughout multiple locations, coaching could be challenging. With Goalplan, every single employee will be able to receive coaching.

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