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replace email, phone, messages and external chat-programs

Communication Is Key In Distributed Organisations

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Replace email, phone, text-msg and external chat programs

How did distributed organisations communicate before the age of smartphones? Typically via email, phone and text-msg. But with the digital revolution, why haven't businesses found a better way to communicate? Now you can.

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Communicate in the same tool that you perform your daily activities in

With the communication module in Goalplan, you can chat with single employees, whole teams, or with customized groups. All communication around contexts like budgets, statements, achievements runs through Goalplan.

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Separate the important from the non-important

A challenge most organisations face is that important messages and information can easily get lost amongst everyday correspondance . Goalplan can separate the important "must do or must read" messages from the noise so you never miss what is truly important.

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Data on your organizations communication

If communication is key in distributed sales and service organisations, then it's beneficial to "see" the communication within your organization. And even more importantly, how communication actually affects results. Goalplan's all-in-one format shows these correlations.

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