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Sales Performance Management - made easy

Sales Performance Management - made easy

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Industry specific ways to enhance sales performance

Our solutions

Retail Banking
Direct Sales

Goalplan enables retailers to improve sales and performance by digitalizing KPIs, task management and sales competitions

We make the performance of the whole retail organisation visible to the entire management team. Our solution enables any retailer, no matter size or geographical spread, to engage the salesforce by distributing sales competitions, leaderboards, campaign information and tasks digitally. 

  • Visualization of targets, and Real-time updates sales results
  • Create and distribute sales competitions
  • Secure an efficient operation utilizing our task management tool
  • Create and distribute campaigns and company information


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Stay ahead of competition - channel management made easy

Telecom operators of today operate in any sales channel and in any segment. No matter the channel (retail, telesales, inbound, e-commerce etc) or segment (B2C, SME or Enterprise) Goalpan tracks the performance of your organisation. We visualize and distribute your data. Engaging the sales reps, while letting management have full control of the channel mix.

  • Visualization of targets and Real-time updates ales results
  • Dashboards and leaderboards
  • Create and distribute Sales Competitions
  • Spread campaigns and company information with ease



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Is legacy interfering with your business?

Legacy systems is the most common headache among retail bankers. How do You manage Your sales initiatives and track Your sales staffs efforts in such an environment? Goalplan Retail Bank Solution is the way out. Goalplan enables easy visualization of both targets, outcomes and efforts. With almost no internal-IT involvement at all.

  • Quick and easy visual overview of targets, KPIs and performance
  • Leaderboards and dashboard available to all, no matter role or place
  • Track your sales teams efforts in real-time


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Sales Performance Management - made easy

With Goalplan You are in control of all sales performance activities. From planning to performing to follow up. Help Your sales force to be one step ahead and if they are not, address issues in real-time. Share targets and budgets and outcomes with everyone. Track the performance and coach everyone. From distance.  In one application.

  • All employees have both targets and real-time updated KPIs on any device
  • Engage staff through leaderboards and dashboards
  • Create sales competitions in a matter of minutes and distribute them digitally
  • Track all activities on the field


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Is your sales organization reaching its full potential?


All the tools you need to support your organization

Our products

Sales competition
Campaign and info
Employee survey
Activity tracker
Task management

The core for sales organizations

By collecting data from any type of system (CRM, ERP, HR, BI/DWH, etc), Goalplan enables you to create any type of KPIs on all levels of your sales- and service organization.

  • All managers and employees have both objectives, KPIs, and real-time results in any device.
  • Engage staff through leaderboards on all targets and current standings
  • With both targets, performed activities  and results in the same tool, managers get valuable insights, simpler and faster then they have ever had before


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Sales competition

Creating challenges in Goalplan adds a fun element of healthy competition between employees or teams that can help spur increases in sales. Gamification is even shown to increase employee engagement and job satisfaction.

  • Leaders can organize challenges for their teams.
  • All employees can challenge eachother.
  • Communicate around challenges.


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While goal setting, performance reviews, and coaching are crucial for improving sales, none of it is possible without clear messaging. That's why all of Your messaging can be facilitated in Goalplan through our native communication tool.

  • Chat in groups based on Your organizational tree
  • Create new groups and send video and images
  • Broadcast video information


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Campaign and information

Creating campaigns and general company information has never been easier. Create, upload videos, PDFs, write a quiz, categorize, and click distribute. In a matter of seconds, these materials will reach your entire staff.

  • Creat campaigns and general information in the creation tool
  • Select the target audience and distribute
  • Follow up on your employees knowing the campaigns and have read the information



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With Goalplans E-learning module, users can create courses and fill them with content such as video, PDF, or text, and write quizzes. Then, distribute them to a part of the whole of your organization, and follow-up on how employees take courses. Combined with Goalplan hosting real-time sales results, we can give insights on the outcome from the E-learning.

  • Create courses, upload videos, PDFs, and create quizzes.
  • Distribute them down your organization within minutes.
  • See who has or hasn't taken the courses.


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Employee survey

The foundation of sales organizations, and what makes them thrive is quite simple. Budget or Target + Followup meeting  + Action = a better result. This simple process is what the Goalplan Spine is all about, making it engaging and straightforward to see targets and real-time results.

  • Budget/target process
  • Real-time updated sales figures and KPIs
  • Leaderboards


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Activity tracker

If your organization is performing activities at many different locations, it can be challenging to overview what's being done or not. Goalplans Activity Tracker will make your life much easier.

  • Click "log activity" and choose your activity.
  • Write a description and upload a photo.
  • View all activities in map-mode with various filters
  • Link to your CRM


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Task management

To manage Your operation efficiently is more important than ever. Customers of today expect both excellent service and a world class experience. Make sure Your team is doing the right things, in the right manner. Secure that Your business is complaint. And efficient.

  • Assign duties to teams, individuals or store managers
  • Create one time tasks, or establish recurring assignments
  • Distribute tasks based on location (Goalplan is mirroring Your unique setup regarding the organization and geographical spread)
  • Monitor that tasks being assigned also being completed


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"The roll-out of the Goalplan application to our frontliners and sales management has been a game-changer for us. We have gained both speed and control that increases our productivity and saves us time. The time that we can spend on performing our sales activities instead. I’m impressed by both Goalplan’s application and their customer-centric approach to solving a real challenge and improving our way of working."
Frederic Widell
VP & Head of S. Asia & Managing Director, India at Oriflame Cosmetics
"Goalplan saves me valuable time when actively coaching and following-up my team leaders work. It is an effective tool that keeps our sales workforce actively engaged and focused on their individual goals, throughout the entire organization."
Anna Sahlsten
Sales Director, Macforum
"Goalplan has an extremely useful tool that quickly gives me an overall view of my team's performance. Goalplan helps my sales staff to see what's expected of them, and is helping them achieve their goals. A good investment to increase sales and to make the sales staff perform better. Goalplan contains outstanding features to help my team and me."
Robin Ralph
Team Leader, Elgiganten

A solid foundation for large sales organizations


Collection of data
Data layer structuring
Creation of KPIs
Org-tree creation

Collection of data

Goalplan has an advanced data collection function that enables us to collect any type of machine-readable data like CSV import, Excel import, JSON, API, and even manual input of data. We aggregate data from multiple sources and by removing data silos Goalplan supports managers to uncover new insights. The process includes:

  • Automated data collection
  • Collection from multiple sources
  • Secure and safe procedures

Data layer structuring

Goalplan acts like a layer on top of your data sources. By collecting the data, that can be both structured and unstructured, we structure, filter, and sort your data so it will be easily handled and worked with.

  • Add Goalplan instead of rebuilding your own data sources
  • We structure and sort your unstructured data
  • And we combine data from several different sources

Creation of KPIs

Out of the structured data, Goalplan can aggregate and create any type of KPIs from several different sources. Combine HR-data, Activity-data, and sales-data into new KPIs.

  • Create unique KPIs
  • From several different sources
  • Create custom indexes 

Org-tree creation

Goalplan will create and mirror your entire organization no matter how wide or deep it is. Look at aggregated activities and sales results and zoom up and down your organization.

  • Your entire staff have Goalplan
  • See activities and sales results 
  • Take proactive action in real-time

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