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Make sure everyone is on track with your latest campaigns and information

Create, distribute, learn, and follow-up campaigns and information

Creating campaigns and general company information has never been easier. Create campaigns, upload videos or PDFs or write a quiz, then select the targeted team and click to distribute. In a matter of seconds, You have made everything available to everyone.

  • Creat campaigns and general information in the creation tool
  • Select the target audience and distribute
  • Track the campaign - secure that employees have  received and read the the latest information

Powerful creation tool

With the click of a button, you are able to create a campaign or a piece of information. Fill it with videos, PDFs, text, links, and write a quiz.


Distribution ways

You have multiple options to distribute the material based on company roles, geography, organizational hierarchies etc



Instead of emailing and making phone calls to get your employees up to speed. Let Goalplans smart push-notifications do the job and alert your employees of new campaigns.


All the information on all devices

The campaign and information tool is part of the Goalplan app which is available in web browsers and as a native app in Appstore and Google play.


Following up

Following up on the knowledge of campaigns has never been easier. See how has or hasn't taken part in the information or campaigns and see who answered right or wrong on the quizzes.


Stay on top and act proactively

Never again will you be in the blind when it comes to campaign adaptation. You will be in the front seat and can easily take action, remind and follow up during and after the campaign.


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Communication tool

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Task management

Make sure Your team is doing the right things, in the right manner. Secure that Your business is compliant. And efficient. Assign duties to teams, individuals or managers. Create one time tasks, or establish recurring assignments.

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