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Communication is key

Engage Your crew by custom messaging

While goal setting, performance reviews, and coaching are crucial for improving sales, none of it is possible without clear messaging. That's why all of Your messaging can be facilitated in Goalplan through our native communication tool.

  • Chat in groups based on Your organizational tree
  • Create new groups and send video and images
  • Broadcast video information

Personalized messaging

As Goalplan is built around Your corporate organisation chart, You determine who sees what. Adapt Your messaging based on region, team or person. And/or based on performance, completion or assignments.


Multimedia enabled

Share messaging, content and instructions. Use plain text in our chat-function. Or engage Your crew by content rich videos, using the Broadcast-function.



Instead of emailing and making phone calls to get your employees up to speed and engaged. Let Goalplans smart push-notification do the job.


Drive performance

With KPIs and leaderboards at Your fingertips, coaching and cheering have never been easier. Even a Sales Competition-functionality is enabled in the Goalplan application, making it a universal tool for driving performance in Your sales organisation.


Stay ahead

With dashboards and task management enabled, You are able to see what's happening right now, or not happening, and act immediately. Use our communication tool to make sure You stay ahead of competition.


Mobile first

Goalplan is built with a mobile first approach. All features are available on any device, anywhere in the world. In native apps, or on desktop.

More Goalplan functions

Other clients also use


Sales competitions

With the click of a button, You have the power to create sales competitions that engage Your staff. Select the competition criteria, invite selected participants (regions, teams or individuals), and set the start and end dates, and You're well on Your way to boost sales.

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Campaign and information

Need to boost sales? Create your company campaign in the Goalplan creation tool. And upload all information needed for Your staff to be fully briefed on the latest products, offers and campaigns.

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Task management

Make sure Your team is doing the right things, in the right manner. Secure that Your business is compliant. And efficient. Assign duties to teams, individuals or managers. Create one time tasks, or establish recurring assignments.

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