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Leave Your spreadsheets behind

Sales targets and real-time data has never been more engaging

By collecting data from any type of system (CRM, ERP, HR, BI/DWH etc), Goalplan enables you to create any type of KPIs on all levels of your sales- and service organization.

  • All managers and employees have both objectives, KPIs and real-time results in any device.
  • Engage staff through leaderboards on all targets and current standings
  • With both targets, performed activities  and results in the same tool, managers get valuable insights, simpler and faster then they have ever had before

Target setting

It has never been easier to set and distribute sales targets. Define the target Yourself, or let Goalplan suggest a target based upon historical outcome. Distribute new budget targets through the application to regions, teams and individuals.


Visualization of targets and real-time updated KPIs

Goalplan enables every employee in Your sales- and service organization real time access to both targets and results. All in a simple, yet powerful, app and web-app. And any manager can drill down his/her organisation to watch the action as it happens.


Real time insights

With both targets, real-time updated KPIs and results of performed activities in the same tool, managers get valuable insights, simpler and faster then they have ever had before.


Customized KPIs. And totally new measurements.

Data collected from the Your different systems are aggregated and calculated by Goalplan. By combining data from many sources Goalplan is able to both customize KPIs and create totally new measurements and data points.


Size does not matter

Your data is structured, mirroring the Your unique setup regarding organization, hierarchy, and geographical spread. Goalplan can mirror any organizational setup, no matter size or complexity.


Become proactive

With committed targets, real-time updated KPIs, activity planning and tracking, You are able to see what's happening right now, or not happening and act immediately.

More Goalplan functions

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Sales Competitions

With the click of a button, You have the power to create sales competitions that engage Your staff. Select the competition criteria, invite selected participants (regions, teams or individuals), and set the start and end dates, and You're well on Your way to boost sales.

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Campaign and Information

Need to boost sales? Create your company campaign in the Goalplan creation tool. And upload all information needed for Your staff to be fully briefed on the latest products, offers and campaigns.

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Communication tool

Goalplan enables easy communication with Your entire organisation. Communicate and chat with individuals or teams. Or distribute video messages utilizing the Broadcast-service.

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