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E-learning courses in the palm of your hand

With Goalplans E-learning module, users can create courses and fill them with content such as video, PDF and text, or write quizzes. Then, distribute them to a target audience or to the whole organization, and track the employees completing the courses. As Goalplan also provides performance data,  You can easily get insight on how training impact outcome. Everything in he same application.

  • Create courses, upload videos, PDFs, and create quizzes
  • Distribute them to selected teams, or to all employees
  • See who has or hasn't completed the courses

Creation tool

Create courses and fill them with your specific content, write a quiz and distribute.


Smart distribution

Distribute the courses based on company role, organization level, or to specific teams.


Available on all devices

Your employees can access the courses from any type of device at any time.


Notifications and reminders

Goalplan will notify your employees when new courses are ready to take and remind them who has not yet completed the courses.


Follow-up on course completion

See all statistics about course completion and zoom down the organization. Get insights and take action.


E-learning and sales correlation

WIth e-learning data and sales data in the same tool, you can easily see the correlation between course completion and sales.

More Goalplan functions

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Sales competitions

With the click of a button, You have the power to create sales competitions that engages Your staff. Select the competition criteria, invite participants, and set the start and end dates, and You're well on Your way to higher results.

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Campaign and Information

The Goalplan app provides all employees access to the latest information on campaigns and offerings. And comes with an inbuilt e-learning capability.

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Communication tool

Goalplan enables easy communication with Your entire organisation. Communicate and chat with individuals or teams. Or distribute video messages utilizing the Broadcast-service.

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