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Any insights, any time from your entire organization

Employee survey

Create employee surveys in minutes with our survey creation tool and distribute to your whole organization, based on company roles, or organizational structure. In seconds, the surveys are delivered to your employees and they can answer in the app. Look at the results in the survey insights tools and export.

  • Create "question of the day" surveys.
  • Replays your yearly surveys with recurring surveys.
  • Create surveys in minutes when you need information fast.

Survey creation tool

Create surveys and fill them with a variety of different questions. Set the start and end date and target just the right audience among you employees.


Recurring surveys

Instead of having yearly surveys, create smaller surveys, and run them quarterly or even monthly to stay more proactive to changes in employee answers.


Daily "how are you feeling" questions

Use the recurring survey function to create daily questions with emojis that will ask employees how they feel or what mood they are in. Pich up changes directly as they occur and take action


Question of the day

Create a large set of important questions and schedule the survey to send one random question per day. This is a great way to constantly get feedback without taking up time from your organization.


Follow-up on survey results

In the survey insights tool, you can look at the surveys and questions in table view or graphs. Export the whole survey or single question/answers and put them right into your presentations.


Survey correlation with sales

By adding Goalplan Core to your survey tool, you will see the direct correlation between survey answers and sales performance, well-being and sales results, and act proactively.

More Goalplan functions

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Goalplan Core

We visualise Your operational data. And make real-time KPIs, targets, dashboards, and leaderboards available to all. Drill down the organization and track the performance of regions, teams, and individuals.

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E-learning tool

Create e-learning courses in our creation tool, distribute to Your organization and follow-up course completion. Use this feature in order to train Your staff and make sure that they are up to speed with the latest news and procedures.

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Communication tool

Goalplan enables easy communication with Your entire organisation. Communicate and chat with individuals or teams. Or distribute video messages utilizing the Broadcast-service.

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