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Competitions & Challenges

Creating challenges in Goalplan adds a fun element of healthy competition between employees or teams that can help spur increases in sales. Gamification is even shown to increase employee engagement and job satisfaction.

  • Leaders can organize challenges for their teams.
  • All employees can challenge each other.
  • Communicate around challenges.

Create competitions in a matter of minutes

With the click of a button, You have the power to create sales competitions that engages Your staff. Select the competition criteria, invite participants, and set the start and end dates, and You're well on Your way to higher results.


Sales staff and team leader challenges

Any sales organization employee can challenge one or several colleagues. It has never been more fun to compete against your co-workers. Challenge them and see who is the best.


Leave spreadsheets and whiteboards behind

It is not engaging enough with sales competitions in spreadsheets and on whiteboards. Let Goalplan take care of the results automatically while you set back and enjoy the engagement and results.


Engage with push-notifications to get everyone onboard

Instead of emailing and making phone calls to get your employees up to speed and engaged. Let Goalplans smart push-notification do the job. From inviting employees to participate to daily updates about sales competition progress.


Compete with each other towards common goals

By creating a team or regional competition, your employees will work towards common goals to make employees go the extra mile for the team.


Boost sales and engagement

Nothing increases short-term success, like a well-designed sales competition. Boost KPIs, services, and focus products by creating and launching a sales competition with perfect timing.

More Goalplan functions

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Goalplan Core

We visualise Your operational data. And make real-time KPIs, targets, dashboards and leaderboards available to all. Drill down the organization and track the performance of regions, teams and individuals.

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Campaigns & information

Need to boost sales? Create your company campaign in the Goalplan creation tool. And upload all information needed for Your staff to be fully briefed on the latest products, offers and campaigns.

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Goalplan enables easy communication with Your entire organisation. Communicate and chat with individuals or teams. Or distribute video messages utilizing the Broadcast-service.

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