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Create complex tasks simply

Task Management made easy

To manage Your operation efficiently is more important than ever. Customers of today expect both excellent service and a world class experience. Make sure Your team is doing the right things, in the right manner. Secure that Your business is complaint. And efficient.

  • Assign duties to teams, individuals or store managers
  • Create one time tasks, or establish recurring assignments
  • Distribute tasks based on location (Goalplan is mirroring Your unique setup regarding organization and geographical spread)
  • Monitor that tasks being assigned also being completed


With Goalplan, it is easy to create tasks, even recurring tasks. Delegate the assignments to Your team, managers or staff.



View progress in real time. Make sure assignments being executed in due time. Watch leaderboards. And send reminders to those who have not yet signed off.



Drill down the data. Access dashboards showing number of created and completed tasks. Compare time periods and teams. Notify alerts when recurring tasks are not performed when due.


Mobile first

Goalplan is built with a mobile first approach. All features are available on any device, anywhere in the world.


Offline support

We support offline mode, making sure that tasks can be both created and checked even when there's no internet or mobile coverage.


Cloud based service

The Goalplans service is deployed in the cloud, making it available to all at all times. With product updates and enhancements supplied as part of Goalplan's delivery.

More Goalplan functions

Other clients also use


Sales Competitions

With the click of a button, You have the power to create sales competitions that engage Your staff. Select the competition criteria, invite selected participants (regions, teams or individuals), and set the start and end dates, and You're well on Your way to boost sales.

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Communication tool

Goalplan enables easy communication with Your entire organisation. Communicate and chat with individuals or teams. Or distribute video messages utilizing the Broadcast-service.

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E-learning module

Create e-learning courses in our creation tool, distribute to Your organization and follow-up course completion. Use this feature in order to train Your staff and make sure that they are up to speed with the latest news and procedures.

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