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Goalplan enables retail organizations to

Goalplan enables retail organizations to
Increase sales results

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Engagement, communication, and performance in the palm of your hand.


Visualization of targets and real-time updated KPIs

Every employee in Your retail organization has both targets and real-time updated results on the selected KPIs. All in a simple yet powerful app and web-app.


Engage through leaderboards

With beautiful and engaging KPI-leaderboards available on any device, the sales staff is empowered to boost sales. And ready to compete and challenge each other.


Create sales competitions in minutes and distribute

Create sales competitions in a matter of minutes and distribute them based on Your organizational structure.


Store managers follow-up solution number one

Having Your sales staff equipped with both targets and real-time updated KPI in their hands, any store manager is able to drive sales performance management more efficient than ever before. Track the performance and coach the organisation from a distance.


Your communication gathered in one tool

Move Your communication from email and third-party apps to Goalplans chat and video message functions.


Stay one step ahead by creating a proactive organization

With real-time updated sales figures, leaderboards, competitions, and communication in the same app, You enable Your organization to be proactive.


Leave your spreadsheets and POS-logins to view sales data

Sales targets and real-time data has never been more engaging

By collecting data from any type of system, like POS, ERP, Visitor tracking, or HR, Goalplan enables you to create any type of KPIs on all levels of your retail organization.

  • All employees have both targets and real-time updated KPIs in any device.
  • Engage staff through leaderboards an all your KPIs.
  • Create sales competitions in a matter of minutes and distribute.

Communication is key in large retail organizations

All your organizational communication in one place

Email, third-part chat programs, intranet, Sharepoint, bullet boards, etc. Communication is almost an impossible task in retail organizations until now. Goalplan has both a chat module, a broadcast function, and a campaign and information site.

  • Chat is groups based on your organizational structure.
  • Send quick video messages to your employees with our Broadcast function.
  • Create and host all campaign information and general information in Goalplan.

What people say about Goalplan


"The roll-out of the Goalplan application to our frontliners and sales management has been a game-changer for us. We have gained both speed and control that increases our productivity and saves us time. The time that we can spend on performing our sales activities instead. I’m impressed by both Goalplan’s application and their customer-centric approach to solving a real challenge and improving our way of working.."
Frederic Widell
VP & Head of S. Asia & Managing Director, India at Oriflame Cosmetics
"Goalplan saves me valuable time when actively coaching and following-up my team leaders work. It is an effective tool that keeps our sales workforce actively engaged and focused on their individual goals, throughout the entire organization."
Anna Sahlsten
Sales Director, Macforum
"Goalplan has an extremely useful tool that quickly gives me an overall view of my team's performance. Goalplan helps my sales staff to see what's expected of them, and is helping them achieve their goals. A good investment to increase sales and to make the sales staff perform better. Goalplan contains outstanding features to help my team and me."
Robin Ralph
Team Leader, Elgiganten


Our retail service is build around


Data collection and integrations

Goalplan collects all your significant data through multiple integrations and presents your KPI's engagingly and straightforwardly to all your employees no matter were in the sales organization they are.


Creating company unique KPIs

With real-time data, the performance of all sales management activities and employee tasks, together with staff well-being. Goalplan presents your organization with unique insights.


Organizational tree modeling

Goalplan enables you to take several different actions to a unique situation. Delegate a task, coach someone, communicate, broadcast information, create an e-learning course, or set up a sales competition.


Sales enablement and digitalisation: What could you be doing better?

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