Goalplan crush your goals

Goalplan helps field teams crush their goals

Regardless of whether your team visits other businesses, retailers, your own stores, or individuals, we empower you to create success.

Set and communicate goals

Ensure that everyone has goals, is aware of the goals, and is working towards them.

Collaborate towards your goals

Get access to smooth features for feedback, communication, and training.

Crush your goals together

Enable informed decisions, engage, and help each other crush your goals.

This is Goalplan

Goalplan is a collaboration tool that enables organisations with scattered employees to work better together. With Goalplan, teams and individuals can work more effectively with goals, visualise sales and performance, enable data-driven decisions, distribute tasks, follow up, share knowledge and ideas, compete and together create an engaging and inspiring workplace.


As a leader, take charge by setting goals manually or seamlessly linking them to your systems. Receive weekly feedback and, at the first sign of wavering motivation, step in with prompt action. As an employee, have a voice in shaping your goals and receive the crucial support needed to conquer them.


In collaboration with seasoned sales leaders and CEOs, we've crafted a straightforward yet potent tool. It empowers managers to guide their teams through professional challenges, emphasizing behavior change, amplified results, and unwavering motivation. Plus, as an employee, you have the power to request coaching to soar to new heights.


Competition is not only exciting but comes in countless thrilling varieties – from chasing sales targets to boosting health and well-being, and even rallying together for a shared objective. As a manager, you wield the power to handpick participants, define goals, broadcast the challenge, and keep tabs on the action. And as an employee, you're in the driver's seat to initiate friendly showdowns with your colleagues.

Smart lists

Backed by coaches, middle managers, and CEOs, we've crafted ingenious lists for you. As a manager, dive into a world of versatile templates to ace tasks like employee discussions, salary reviews, audits, and inventories. You can even tap into our expertise to craft your own unique templates.

Task allocation and to-do lists

Empower your team and yourself with Goalplan's task delegation. Set deadlines, establish recurring tasks, and conquer both daily routines and one-time missions with ease.

Information and learning

We're here to streamline information sharing in your organization. With Goalplan, as a leader, you can effortlessly compile and organize essential information, training materials, and other resources. Plus, you can link vital questions to your content and ensure everyone not only receives but truly comprehends the information.


In our platform, communication is king, driven by dynamic chat and our ingenious video messages. Picture this: Launch an exciting competition with a motivational video, or celebrate a colleague's goal-crushing moment with a personalized video pep talk. The possibilities are endless!


Supercharge your experience with Goalplan by seamlessly connecting it to your diverse systems. Unlock the magic of automated user accounts, real-time stats, and sales insights, all set to turbocharge your goal tracking. And, as an employee, take control by inputting data against your objectives – from various performance metrics to activities that drive your success.

Customer support & engagement program

At your service! Our support team is here to provide that personal touch. If you need a little extra magic, our development team can work their wizardry and create intricate connections. For those who crave extraordinary training concepts, competitions, and a dedicated Engagement Manager, we've got you covered!

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