Digital Corporate Trainings for Dispersed Teams

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Upload trainings and campaign materials

Fill them with videos and presentations

Link quizzes, see results

Customize surveys

Educate with messages that resonate

Ensure your staff is up-to-date with the latest. With Goalplan's Information and Learning function, you make sure important news, onboarding materials, and the latest campaigns reach your workforce. We also offer additional help through sales and leadership coaches who are happy to assist you with course materials. Are you a retailer for many different brands? Then you can ask them to upload their material via Goalplan and even charge for it. Book a demo below and we'll tell you more!


Create attractive information packages with images, text, and video. Organize them by category.


Share campaign materials that are automatically sorted into active, upcoming, and past.


Create your own trainings with external links, attached files, and concluding quizzes.

Full control

See who has accessed your materials and taken your quizzes. Remind with personal encouragement!

How Successful Companies Leverage Goalplan's Tools

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