Visualize Goals & Gather Sales Data

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Visualize your staff's KPIs

Bring in data from cash registers and CRM

Break down goals with work hours, see your pacing

Follow leaderboards for staff, stores, and regions

Gather all the organization's goals and KPIs - in the same view

How much have I sold this month? How many meetings have I booked? How many doors have I knocked on? How am I pacing towards the goal? What is my average receipt size? What margins do I have? Am I on the leaderboard? How is our store doing? What is our store visitor conversion rate? Goalplan provides answers to all of this and also allows leaders to get an overview of the entire workforce and create actions based on the goals. Clear goals, gamification, and follow-up are, after all, the key to results.


Connect cash register, CRM and visitor counters, and workforce management systems. Goalplan integrates with your existing systems and refines data into insights you can act on.


Give employees goals based on how much they work, see how they pace towards the goals, and compare themselves with colleagues. Do the same for stores or regions.


Employees get an interactive view of their results, can follow their progress, get coaching linked to specific KPIs, and of course, compete and see themselves on the leaderboard.

Goal Tracking

Take action on the data – create training, coaching sessions, motivate with video, or start a chat. Goals are worth nothing if we can't act on them.

How Successful Companies Leverage Goalplan's Tools

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