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gamification is a way of making Regular tasks more fun

Motivate And Empower Your Sales Staff

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Challenge whoever, whenever

Goalplans "Challenges" function enables any employee to create a custom challenge between one or several co-workers or the whole team. See who wins the most challenges and get data on your employee engagement.

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Goalplan contains multiple leaderboard options for all your KPIs. View your position and swap between "absolute outcome" and "outcome vs target". As a manager you can drill down into your organisation and take action if needed.

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Create extra attention and engagement

With the Challenge function, you as a manager can create a custom challenge for your team at a specific time. This could be an important weekend, new product releases or campaigns. A perfect function to boost sales.

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get data on how challenges affect results

We all know that a good sales competition boosts sales. With Goalplan you can access more data with the ability to see how individuals, teams, and their challenges are really contributing to the bottom line.

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