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- Education Case Study -

Maple Bear - The First Educational Franchise to Digitally Transform with Goalplan

With over 570 schools worldwide and a whole host of systems in place, how could you possibly hope to achieve a free-flowing network and continuous stream of actionable data?


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  • Massive workforce across the globe
  • Data, systems and access different in each territory
  • A huge influx of data succeeded a switch to predominately online classes 
  • No tools were in place to analyse or use said data

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  • Successful connections with widespread servers and software 
  • Combined access to one, multifunctional platform
  • Territorial and language features taken into account
  • Extraction and organisation of masses of invaluable data, ready for analysis 


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  • Ability to structure acquired data
  • Closer attention to consumer needs
  • Real-time communication and action possible, even offline
  • One combined tool to facilite global success and market leadership 
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With over 44,000 students across 31 countries, Maple Bear Global Schools are one of the world’s most prominent educational platforms. Born from a strong demand to deliver the best of bilingual Canadian education to a global audience of aspiring students, Maple Bear has been in operation for almost two decades, opening more than 570 schools since 2003.
We are delighted to deliver some insights from a recent interview with Global CEO Arno Krug, Maple Bear. Arno recalls how student information and learning journeys were providing unorganised, widespread data - almost impossible to measure. Aware that Maple Bear should be a data driven company, Arno and his team recognised the imperativeness to access information easily, yet, were not able to do so - even before the pandemic. 
Identifying that their digital structure needed to change, the onset of Covid-19 dramatically accelerated the process. When the disruption of 2020 first hit, Maple Bear faced the difficult conundrum of turning an almost 100% offline enterprise into a 100% online experience.  The Maple Bear Digital Learning Community was, therefore, engineered to connect its worldwide schools virtually overnight.
Incredibly, after only a couple of months of adjustment, they were fully operational online, with over 6 million distance-learning classes delivered to date. This generated a huge amount of data, and provoked more discussion around how to use it to improve services.

"Goalplan appeared at the perfect time, around a year ago, at the exact moment of our journey when we were searching for the best providers."

Arno explained how Maple Bear initially communicated with some big suppliers and past connections, thinking that it would make sense to either go with the masses or a familiar face. However, to fit into the structure defined by these companies, they were looking at two to three years to extract data and really get started. 

"We needed a better solution. Luckily, we met Goalplan. When Rafael first introduced me to their way of working, I was instantly impressed. They would be able to collect, organise and structure our data so quickly - extracting  from the different formats that we were using globally - even offline!"

Goalplan's data extraction process did not require a huge effort from Maple Bear. After only half an hour of initial conversation, Arno marvelled at the softer approach - a speedier and lighter way to work, amazing from the start.

"Fundamentally, Goalplan understood how we operate. Their perception of which data would be important, along with offering their own input was outstanding. They looked at what they could bring to the table for us, like indexes to better understand the business, extracting data to reach the learning outcomes of the student classroom - it was a real game changer."

Maple Bear wanted a granular data analysis solution, and it was clear from the outset that Goalplan could provide this. Arno described how easy it has been to connect with the team as well, holding regular meetings and always moving forwards.
Goalplan is currently preparing and creating new matrices and indexes, focussing on ‘looking’ at data - ‘analysis’ is soon to follow. Arno can’t wait for the next stages, such as adding further modules to their Goalplan app.  

"It’s such a complete, comprehensive solution - natural, friendly and totally tailor made. Goalplan are helping us to customise the technology to our needs, and we'll continue to add  modules, until eventually using the entire Goalplan ecosystem - always with the needs of our students, parents and teachers in mind."

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With a massive client base, the responsibility and level of care that goes into educating each and every individual naturally comes with its challenges, especially when a company is so widespread.
Before Goalplan, the only path in sight was to completely change Maple Bear's systems. However, Goalplan accommodated the different realities of Maple Bear providers across the world. Different systems, languages and approaches could all be seamlessly integrated, without the need for standardised methodology. 

"Thanks to Goalplan, it doesn’t matter if our schools use different formats or devices. They cares about our standards, despite the twenty-five systems we have in play. In every meeting , Goalplan always ask what they could do better. It’s the polar opposite philosophy of other companies."

This flexibility meant practically immediate connections with most countries, and even where connections were more challenging, Goalplan effortlessly created new solutions to extract data anyway.
The end game has always been to extract data in order to personalise learning and analyse effectively. The Goalplan app makes this possible, ensuring the best quality education worldwide.

"This partnership provides us with ideas and a vision to improve our business. Each new index created makes it easier to deliver a better quality education, including features which we hadn’t even thought of ourselves before."

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Arno reflected on the longevity of the project ahead, noting Goalplan's collaborative efforts -  always available, flexible and willing to help and understand. In terms of spreading the word to other organisations:

"I would more than recommend Goalplan! We can now make better decisions overall and connect with clients instantly - contracts are signed and will be renewed indefinitely."

Watch this space - Goalplan and Maple Bear are the dream team taking educational franchise to the next level. As Maple Bear steps out lightyears ahead of other academic competitors, here at Goalplan, we’re eager to continue this journey of mutual discovery and dedicated collaboration. 

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