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- Retail Case Study -

Macforum was overrun with outdated systems, until Goalplan provided the ideal solution

Around six years ago, Macforum’s managers were at a crossroads when it came to the efficiency of their existing software - until they found Goalplan. 


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  • Inefficient software
  • Worried about competition
  • Taking too long to get hold of numbers
  • Unmanageable practice - around 10 different systems in place
  • Reduced engagement 
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  • Visualisation of global performance 
  • Easy access to data across devices 
  • All modules accessible from one platform
  • Daily analysis and insights at fingertips
  • Creating transparency for all staff
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  • An unprecedented amount of time saved
  • Sales results have increased significantly 
  • Mangers can see everything instantaneously
  • One tool for KPIs, leaderboards, competitions and budget modules
  • Offers a competitive edge 
  • Increased engagement

The Goalplan and Macforum collaboration was always destined to be an ideal match. Around six years ago, Macforum’s managers shared concerns about the efficiency of their existing software. They knew that they needed to do more to stay ahead of competitors. Their Apple provider even recommended some comparable performance management products, however, they were left truly uninspired after trying out a few of the suggestions. 


Meanwhile, the Goalplan team directly reached out to Macforum’s Regional Operations Manager, Johan Rehn:


“It was really good timing! I needed global performance at my fingertips – I needed to see it. We quickly struck up a great working relationship. Everything was quick, snappy and highly personalised.”



When questioned in a recent discussion, Johan explained that time had become a big issue in his role. It was taking far too long to get hold of the numbers that he required, with data spanning across up to ten different systems. Goalplan's platform literally provided exactly what he was looking for, in terms of leaderboard and budget modules. He was also pleasantly surprised at how many other features would facilitate his day-to-day work, such as the analytics tool, which always showed the ‘truth’:


“I hadn’t realised how much we needed this tool – it was so worth incorporating.”


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Automated data sources

Onboarding with Goalplan has opened up so many doors for Macforum. They have been able to create engagement like never before, with a motivating app involving everyone. Staff found it easy to transition to Goalplan's software, leaving PDFs and Teams behind, and merging past resources with the new. 


After more than sixteen years at the company, Johan has become increasingly impressed by the impact that Goalplan's unique, tailor-made practice has had in recent times. The app even helped them through Covid, ensuring that all staff retained focus on sales to keep the business going. Having witnessed how Macforum has gone from strength to strength since Goalplan's initial integration, Johan also notes that engagement has doubled, thanks to the consistent smooth running of the operation. 

Johan Rehn 471

From the very outset, Macforum leaders wanted to create transparency, allowing managers to clearly visualise sales and for all staff to ‘see everything’ they needed. In the knowledge that views and access can be amended or developed at any time, Johan commented on the flexibility offered by Goalplan, always offering maximum control 24/7. He highly recommends Goalplan to other companies, emphasising the ‘big point’ that there is no better way to know figures so quickly, or as easily accessible. 


Macforum and Goalplan look forward to continuing their professional partnership way into the future. Staff are already enjoying three Christmas competitions and the company is keen to incorporate staff surveys and other new features soon. 

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