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- Retail Case Study -

Brazil's renowned sports giant, Centauro, welcomes a new digital era with Goalplan


After 2 years of discussing how to give more autonomy to the store's base employees, including vendors and assistants, Centauro found the perfect tool to provide all necessary information to carry out their work - bringing enhanced communication to those 'without a desk'.

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  • Difficulty in organising and distributing information to staff
  • Single module tools on the market did not appeal to specific needs
  • Data adjustment challenges 
  • Excess leadership intervention required
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  • Providing staff with tools to manage information
  • A comprehensive package to consolidate data in one place
  • Customisation of some unique requirements  
  • Mobile access to data across devices

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  • Increased employee engagement
  • Easy access to data and insights
  • Real-time responses 
  • 'No desk' no longer translates to 'barriers'
  • Future visions of expansion throughout stores

Sports lovers have welcomed the spread of Centauro stores across Brazil for over 40 years. From the first opening in 1981, to the 200 branches operating today, the market leader offers its clients an unrivalled shopping experience, with a wide range of products and excellent customer service. In fact, as the largest, most influential sports retailer in South America, the company has recently sought professional intervention to cope with unprecedented growth. 

Sales staff are key to Centauro's success. Appropriately referred to as store ‘athletes’, the day-to-day running of business depends on competitive sales figures and progressive tactics. Hitting targets may be their ‘sport,’ but as with any athlete, natural talent is always best nurtured and guided by effective leadership. 

Centauro’s leaders felt the need to concentrate, organise and distribute information to all store employees with greater ease. It was clear that this was the next step towards increased independence and even stronger results. However, finding the right solution, in keeping with the company ethos, practice and goals wasn’t easy - it never is, when the market is saturated with endless package deals in a one-size-fits-all format, offering single module solutions.

Goalplan proactively sought first contact, showing the value of the tool.


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We have been talking a lot about reducing the chain of command and control - instead of managing this way, we will adopt a management of engagement and autonomy.


Centauro is unique, therefore, any future plans would ultimately require specific tailoring, rather than a standard fit product. Thankfully, initial introductions with Goalplan gladly brought the search for a competent sales performance management solution to a close. Not only did the Goalplan app offer exactly what they needed, but its functions were so complete, that Centauro's adaptation concerns became a thing of the past. What's more, the partnership with Goalplan will take Centauro to the next level.

Some competitors claim to be specialists in a single module, but Goalplan is the most versatile, complete option on the market.


Silvio Batista, Head of Omnichannel, Store Performance and Productivity shared his excitement:

The aim is to optimise communication and encourage personalised conversations. Our sales staff are our 'athletes.'


Silvio went on to explain that, for example, with the Goalplan app, they can identify the 100 sales athletes who are having the biggest problem selling soccer boots. They then plan to use video broadcasts and push notifications to keep in touch and motivate them. Managers can even prompt store replenishment in real time - the options are endless.

Further future plans are also well underway, including the incorporation of the 'tasks' module, rollout for all stores, engaging the team to use the tool, and also to customise some more specific needs. Centauro shares an expectation that Goalplan will be so cool for its employees, that they'll want to download it, even on personal mobiles.

Of course, this depends on our content, for example, when broadcasting, we want to use a language more similar to TikTok. In the score card module, we require indicators that the employee really needs for their routine.


Most of all, Silvio and his team are looking forward to distributing information in a much smarter way, without the need for leadership intervention, in order to convert data to action - the insights will speak for themselves.

In a closing comment, Silvio further expressed his vision to enhance communication across industries, with the help of Goalplan:

The benefits are not limited to retail. I would recommend the Goalplan app, wherever and whenever the team is 'non-desk.'


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