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- Retail Case Study -

The Goalplan Effect -

'Where numbers are not just numbers.'

Dominating the photographic and video retail industry across Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, Scandinavian Photo is ready for some next-level digital transformation with Goalplan...


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  • Extensive sales force
  • Pressure to maintain physical stores
  • Competitive e-commerce industry 
  • Inability for managers to see 'the whole picture' in real time
  • Highly inefficient and time-consuming tools holding back productivity

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  • Automation of real-time data export from all channels
  • Adaptation of current systems to Goalplan’ s SaaS platform
  • One, user-friendly combined platform
  • Deployment Goalplan to all sales employees
  • Providing managers with the 'same view'
  • Increased speed of access to data and insights
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  • All KPIs and sales results are automated and made available to entire staff base
  • Dramatically reduced administration 
  • Managers and team leaders can dedicate more time to coaching 
  • Staff enjoy more increased autonomy and responsibility for their own KPIs, numbers and progress
'This is my second experience of working with Goalplan - I can't wait to see how my staff react to the changes. They're going to love it!'


Since 1982, Scandinavian Photo has become a trusted household name for many consumers in the Nordic regions, favouring optimal customer service and quality products. Dominating the photographic and video retail industry, Scandinavian Photo still maintains many physical stores, as well as boasting a growing e-commerce strategy.


Retail Manager, Isabella Farokhmanesh is extremely proud of Scandinavian Photo’s resilience and flexibility during the pandemic, largely putting this down to dedicated teams who work passionately to provide the best possible service to loyal customers. Isabella comes from an impressive background of boosting retail revenue in the technical marketplace. Since moving on from her leadership role at Macforum, she has gone from managing an individual store to taking on full responsibility for Scandinavian Photo’s full retail objectives.


In a recent interview, Isabella discussed Scandinavian Photo’s latest exciting venture. Inspired by the success that Macforum experienced after digitally transforming their operation by integrating the Goalplan app, Isabella noticed a distinct need to take Scandinavian Photo to the next level in the same way. Passionate about coaching and encouraging staff to develop and prosper, Isabella recognised an opportunity to create flexibility, protect staff wellbeing and increase company effectiveness


Isabella is a keen believer in investing in resources where needed and listening to staff to replace the everyday ‘burn’ with something simpler, more efficient and user-friendly. Isabella wanted to coach her store managers and give them the tools to get the most out of their respective teams. She wanted to give them software providing the ‘whole picture’ in real time. She also needed a system which would be quick, easy to integrate, and be equally effective for both store and online commercial use. 


Going forward, not only will the implementation of the Goalplan app ensure the survival of physical stores, but Isabella also recognises its potential to keep Scandinavian Photo at the head of their game, using the best leadership tool on the market. 




Sales channels


Automated data sources

I've been counting down to get started!


The Goalplan team have worked closely with Scandinavian Photo in order to establish aims and prompt them to get up and running as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Isabella feels that sharing common goals and looking through the same lens, makes Scandinavian Photo and Goalplan the ideal professional partnership. 


'It's the best tool on the market.'


Whereas many performance management companies offer a generic product, treating ‘numbers as numbers, Goalplan has tailored modules specifically for Scandinavian Photo’s needs. Giving managers the ‘same view,’ from a faster system, and providing customers with a focused, well-connected omnichannel, Scandinavian Photo are certain that both quality client treatment and staff wellbeing will be safeguarded.


Isabella has experienced first-hand the value that Goalplan brings to a business and cannot wait to get stuck into the initial test period:


“I want to see it now! It will be so good for the company and I can’t wait to incorporate more features next year, such as staff surveys, campaigns and competitions to boost energy and engage staff.”



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Devoted to personalised coaching and allowing staff to assume responsibility for their own numbers, KPIs and progress, Isabella believes that the Goalplan app will benefit Scandinavian Photo enormously. Her managers can now focus on productive assessment and easy follow-up methods, whilst enjoying real-time actionable insights from on-hand data and a cost-effective product. 


“I’m so excited to see the effects of Goalplan’s good values on Scandinavian Photo – watch this space!”

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